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Boundaries Create Freedom

personal boundaries

“No boundary or barrier surrounds the heart of a person that loves their self and others.” 
― Shannon L. Alder

The more I practice the art of self-respect, the more I trust myself. With that, comes an undying love that is unwavering and strong. There was a time in my past, others could treat me in a way of their choosing, they could yell at me, call me nasty names, or the opposite, give me the silent treatment. They could use me, manipulate me, step all over me, and I thought « Hey I am strong! I can take it! » Continue reading

Writing for Health


Why do I write more when I am sad, then when I am happy? Why are my journals filled with heartache, self-pity, distress, rants and raves? Is it because writing is a sacred place where one can fill pages and pages of hurt and release? Thus, Is writing part of the process of self-reflection and growth? Continue reading

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