Intuitive Dream Readings

Its time to pay attention to your dreams.

They are speaking to you in a language I can translate.

~Kim Larocque

I often wondered what my dreams meant.  Then my therapist opened up the Jungian doors to my subconscious and I understood my dreams were telling me the stories that I needed to hear, or often ignoring in my waking life.  Dreams are complex, often befuzzled with symbols which can be easily blamed on the mish mosh of snacks eaten the night before, but NO no matter what you ate last night, your dreams are messages.

I have a gift, a gift of guiding you to discover what those messages mean.  I do not use dream books, I use your symbolism.  What a snake means to you, may not mean the same to me.  Interested in knowing more? Send me an email at  .  If you have a dream you wish interpreted fill out the form below or again use the email address above.

Readings come in many forms and sizes.  I recommend the mini reading if you are looking to see what the symbols (max 5) in your dream mean.  For a more in-depth reading, with a full written report from me, choose the In-Depth reading.  This will give me a chance to email you with some questions and find out what lies inside your subconscious.

No time for emails?  

Then choose the Soft Reading , enter your dream in the box below and I will intuitively give you my reading by 1 email only.

Prefer Skype?  Then we can make an appointment to discuss your reading.  Reach me over at my Facebook Page or write to

Dream Readings

When payment has been received, I will look at your dream and start interpreting.

In-Depth dreams take 3 to 5 business days to deliver.

When interpreting a dream I use my intuition, mapping skills and research and I am  always determined to give you a genuine interpretation.  Some dreams may take up to 2 hours to do, depending on the complexity of the dream, some may take me only 10 minutes.  Yet a need a couple of days to internalize your dream in order to really tap into the meaning.

Also see Dreams:  Most Frequently Asked Questions

With loving care,


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