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Their Soft Place to Fall – Helping Children Through Your Mental Illness


What do you got if you aint got love ~Bon Jovi

Sitting at the dinner table with my daughter, I was telling her the story of how I had to say no to someone’s help because I am not ready to go into big public spaces. As I was telling her my story, her face changed from interested to sad and a bit mad. As a reader of people’s emotions, I immediately stopped the conversation to ask her “What is wrong” although in my heart, I already knew the answer.


I Thought it All Behind Me: The Power of a Trigger


“Don’t judge yourself by what others did to you.” 
― C. KennedyOmorphi

Suffering from a mental illness such as Generalized Anxiety, Depression, PTSD is  devastating, to the person with the illness, and to the friends and family who love and support the person in their ups and downs. It also affects the children, sometimes without realizing it (while we are « in it »). Yet, as I became aware of my self, of my life, of my surroundings, I also understood quite well what was going on.


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