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Balancing Act – Interview with Kathie Sutherland


Recently, I got the chance to meet an amazing woman, Kathie Sutherland, in the 40 Days of Self-Love group on Facebook. After some discussion I found out Kathie writes poetry and shared some with me. One of her poems, felicity fix-it. resonated with every fiber of my being. It speaks about how we may think we are broken, however, there are just things about who we are that just “ARE”. We are whole, vibrant and our ultimate goal is to find balance. You can find this poem here. Continue reading

God’s Autobio – Interview with Rolli

Introducing Author Of The Week Rolli.

On his website, Rolli describes himself as: “a lowly author/illustrator with luxuriously thick hair”.  My first impression upon meeting Rolli online, was of a unique, never-before seen, creative. He is an original, in expression, style and form. Rolli’s stories truly give me a happy “perplexed” feeling. The best description I have is : Rolli’s writing leaves you with a sense of “wanting to know more”. I asked myself while reading : “Is there really a message here?”  and continued to the next, most entertaining, short story. I highly recommend this book. Continue reading

The Magical Path – An Interview with author Marc Allen

MagicalPath_cvr2.inddIn the fall of 2012, The New World Library sent me Marc Allen’s book: The Magical Path:Creating the life of your dreams and a world that works for all, for review. I began reading it immediately, however, ironically a bout with my depression did not allow me to read MUCH for long periods of time. This book is amazing, and I cannot wait to finish it to give you my review, however, I only find it fair I post this interview with Marc Allen, so you can know more about this spectacular man. Continue reading

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