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The Famous Message of Self-Love by Legend and Caillat


“Our bodies were printed as blank pages 
to be filled with the ink of our hearts” 
― Michael Biondi

I came across a couple of videos this week that I think every woman who is struggling with body-image (which is many of us) and self-love should see. Colbie Caillat, and John Legend have both came out with a video about beauty and who and what define’s it. 


Waves Of Self-Love

self love my quote

“Her happiness floated like waves of ocean along the coast of her life. She found lyrics of her life in his arms but she never sung her song.” 

― Santosh Kalwar

Do you even wonder how a wave distinguishes itself from the body of water it is in? Yesterday, as I was sitting by the lake not far from my home, I was mesmerized by the waves coming up and splashing, waning and receding from the shore. 


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