I am Kim Larocque : warrior woman, intrinsic muse, mentally ill, self-love student, motherly mom, eclectic artist, photographer, writer and craziness fighter, and lately, I excel at doing absolutely nothing.

Well, the latter is not the complete truth. I am in a period of recovery/learning to live with Mental Illness. I suffer  from GAD (Generalized Anxiety Disorder), Major Depression, Chronic Depression, Panic Disorder,  PTSD, and Agoraphobia, which I call uptown crazy syndrome.

Since November 2011 I am followed by Joanne Gagné (read about her here), an amazing psychotherapist, in my area. Since we’ve worked together, I have acquired tools and skills to really dig deep, and excavate (and release) the pain which has haunted me since my childhood.

My blog is here to explore my latest breakthroughs, share my no holds barred journey though mental illness to find mental health and mental wealth.

At the moment, I am also on medication to :

  • « bridge the gap from here to there » Elizabeth Gilbert

  • To give me a foundation to stand on while I go on my daily routine, which is very discombolutated at the moment, yet, am finding my way.

By sharing my stories, and advocating for mental health, I discovered many women (and some men) coming out of the woodwork to share their stories, their pain, and their accomplishments.

I get many messages and emails thanking me for sharing because I have either a) inspired them to talk about their own mental health, b) helped them feel not so alone and understood or c) allowed them to express themselves to their families, social media or friends.

This is my goal : To share the truth, because people take depression too lightly sometimes.

« Oh I am so depressed, I lost my purse! » Nope, you are mad, sad, disappointed, but you are not depressed.

Depression is not a light subject, if you want proof, go on Instagram and check out the hashtag #depression.

This is me, in a nutshell, as you read my blog, you will discover different hues of me. I am a woman of many colors.

p.s. I am also an intuitive dream interpreter. If you click on the menu “Start Dreaming” you can find info there.

Happiness to you..


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