art by: ppawelczak

art by: ppawelczak

Stepping outside,

Everything closes in on me.

The vastness;

The distant space… separate.


People walking… riding… going about their intricate lives.

I draw myself further,

Like conveyor belt.. moving you backwards,

Safety is not near.


Too far to reach,

I am alone with this monster,

Trapped in a dimension no one can see.


I feel cold…. shattered,

Desperately trying to blend in, to find solace, to sleep.



Fearfully escaping reality,

To be safe in “the zone”… where no one can hurt me,

Where only I reside,

Consoling my inner child.

Rocking back and forth, back and forth, back and forth.

Soothing, swaddling, breathing…

… wishing the monster away.


In the depth of healing,

Encountering … embracing darkness.

Despair lingers, hope floats,

…and I find myself smiling through the tears.


Kim Larocque May 2016