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«The opposite of depression is not happiness but vitality» ~ Andrew Solomon

Today, I am joining Bell Canada in the Bell Lets Talk campaign: Bell will donate .05 cents for every Tweet with the #BellLetsTalk hashtag and Text message and share of their FB images. The subject of course is Mental Health, and last year they raised over $6M to go towards Canadian Mental Health programs.

Originally posted January 8th 2014

My personal journey with Mental illness is ongoing. I am currently in a small relapse (depression) and constantly dealing with anxiety and agoraphobia. Many, like me, suffer daily, yet too many suffer in silence. It is time to be silent no more!

Today, I am sharing Andrew Solomon’s TED Talk on his experience with depression. He describes his experience has a journey he is grateful for however challenging and debilitating it once was. He, like me, has learned to accept depression as being part of his life, and knows, it can relapse at anytime, however challenging it may be, he also knows he can get through it.

In his talk, Mr. Solomon states:

«There are 3 things people tend to confuse: Depression, grief and sadness» Grief is explicitly reacitve, it usually resolves itself. However, if 6 months later, you can hardly function at all, that it is probably depression. Depression is extreme sadness, and constant grief, which doesn’t resolve itself. 

The video you are about to see is real. With authentic and no holds barred talk about mental illness, and if you have a loved one who does not understand what you are going through, chances are Andrew Solomon will help him or her understand. You may also relate to his story, like me, I suggest a few tissues. His words are eloquent, and he is very well spoken.  The next 29 minutes of your life will be filled with wisdom.

“Shutting out the depression strengthens it. Those who deny it, are most enslaved by what they have. Those who intolerate their depression are the ones who achieve resilience.”  ~Andrew Solomon

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About Andrew Solomon: Writer

Andrew Solomon

Andrew Solomon is a writer on politics, culture and psychology.

Andrew Solomon’s newest book, Far From the Tree: Parents, Children, and the Search for Identity, tells the stories of parents who not only learn to deal with their exceptional children, but also find profound meaning in doing so. Solomon’s startling proposition is that diversity is what unites us. He writes about families coping with deafness, dwarfism, Down syndrome, autism, schizophrenia, multiple severe disabilities, with children who are prodigies, who are conceived in rape, who become criminals, who are transgender. While each of these characteristics is potentially isolating, the experience of difference within families is universal, as are the struggles toward compassion and the triumphs of love Solomon documents in every chapter.  Woven into these courageous and affirming stories is Solomon’s journey to accepting his own identity, which culminated in his midlife decision, influenced by this research, to become a parent.

Solomon’s last book, The Noonday Demon: An Atlas of Depression, won the 2001 National Book Award for Nonfiction, was a finalist for the 2002 Pulitzer Prize, and won fourteen other national awards.

Read more about Andrew Solomon on the TED Blog »

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