What if Cows Took Baths? – Musings by Kim


What if I dare to dream again?

I just cannot imagine what life would be without dreaming.

So many disappointments,

so many dreams flushed away;

so many ideals gone astray.

What if I imagine them coming true?

What if the sky at night was still light blue?

What if I reached deep inside my pocket? What would I find?

A golden diamond?

A thread, or just some twine?

What if I open the door by the stairs?

What would I see?

A cat, a dog, or a bear with no hairs.

What if only my eyes could see,

the lake, the ocean and the sea?

Would it take away the view for others?

Or do they dream of the same things too?

What if on my long winding path, I took the wrong turn

and faced a cow taking a bath?

What if my dreams, my muses and visions come true?

Would this imperfect life be the same?

Or would it be boring without playing this game?

I don’t know what my future will be.

Yet, I know for sure, it will involve dancing trees..


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