What Do I Need? – Day 18 #40DaysOfSelfLove


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“Haven’t we all, as time continues, found that we must be kind to ourselves and listen to our thoughts, because fewer and fewer of those remain who know what is most real to us?” 
― Lan Samantha ChangHunger

I cannot believe we are almost half-way through the challenge! And I have already learned so much about myself. I have discovered new loves… new ways of talking to myself, new lovely body parts… I am developing new eyes to my heart.

Today, is a rough day. I have not been sleeping well, and I woke up with worries and naggers… you know.. those voices who try to dampen the day?  I know it is my anxiety and depression talking… I ask myself this:

“What do you need?”

HelpingHandsI need comfort:

I am finding it hard to accept my limitations, that I cannot seem to walk farther than around the block makes me sad. Oh.. there are days when I am willing to accept my limitations and I am very good at making the best of it… but today the term “House Arrest” keeps popping in my head.

It is going to be ok… 

I feel sad…

I need acceptance.

This self-love challenge, is not all about forgetting or pushing down the many emotions which can seem negative, it is about taking those emotions and loving them… sweeping them away will not work. So today, if I must be sad for a while. I will.

Everything is exactly as it should be..  is going to be ok… 

little girls LEMONADE-large570I need kindness.

I will NOT berate myself… I refuse to do this anymore. Those monsters in my head, they can play for a while, but they are not allowed to make me feel bad. They can talk, but that doesn’t mean I will believe them. They can scream, but I will turn up the music louder.

You are loved and you are not alone…It is going to be ok… 

I need distractions

No use struggling.. I will remain present: Present with the pain, the sadness, the tears. Present with the release these emotions have expressed, and at the same time I give myself a little plan for the day. Plans, although I resist them, help give my day a bit of routine to fight the “dulldrums”.

You got this! It is going to be ok… 

DSC01532I can’t go far, but I can go wide!

It is even difficult to write today, but I wrote anyway. I fell in love with writing daily… It gives me perspective on this trip into bliss, and something to look forward to. I will never give up trying to walk farther..write more.. and draw…  and I will never give up on myself again!

“Be resilient until you complete a task. Challenge yourself and never limit yourself. Stay humble, hopeful, patient, but never quit!” ~Winsome Campbell-GreenThe Secret Rules Of Self-Love: How To Love Yourself, Overcome The Loneliness Of Being Single And Achieve Happiness

Your comments, support, love and kindness throughout this journey is a blessing. I hope you are having your own little self-love journey along with me, and I thank you.

Follow Mohini’s journey here °°°°> Day 18

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  1. There are so many things here that I agree with that I am thrilled!
    Thrilled to have a voice in you…
    Thrilled to know there is music…
    Thrilled to know there is space…
    And most of all, thrilled to resonate!
    I see you, dear Kim!

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