The Ultimate Act of Self-Love by Susie Beiler

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I thought I was going to write about how I’ve been working less and playing more. I thought I was going to share with you how I’ve been worrying less about money and deepening my trust in the Multiverse. I thought I was going to share how I’ve been enjoying the beauty and the people of Sedona…

What I realized as soon as my fingers hit the keyboard is that I need to share with you my experience with my beloved friend Shaun Stephenson.

I arrived in Sedona, Arizona in late January. Shaun had invited me to come visit and I anticipated staying with her for three weeks. A few days after my arrival, Shaun and I sat down together and we both felt that I was meant to stay longer. At that point and without hesitation, Shaun offered me a place to stay without asking anything in return. She put a roof over my head and food in my belly. Sure, my presence was helping her as she was dealing with cancer, but she gave me such a gift.

As our relationship deepened, I watched Shaun closely. She was the type of person who had a deep trust that all would be taken care of always. She never questioned why she had the diagnosis of cancer. She gave to me unconditionally. She prayed constantly and lived what she spoke.

Her giving made me want to give back. I gave her DidgeriDeep Sound Healing sessions on the red rocks of Sedona. I helped to clean the house. I drove her to doctor appointments and was with her for her surgery. I did whatever I could to help out while maintaining my health and vitality.

While sometimes being in service was a stretch for me, it was all doable.

And then, her physical condition got worse. And then, I learned what self-love really means.

I have defined self-love as putting myself first, taking care of my own needs before caring for the needs of others, filling up my cup and giving from the overflow. And while all of this is true, it is much more than that.

Self-love is stepping up for my evolution, my growth. It means stretching myself even when it hurts, KNOWING in deep trust that I am provided for, loved, and always deeply cared for by the Multiverse.

It was difficult for me to make daily trips to the hospital to see Shaun. It was difficult just being in a hospital! I did not enjoy the environment. I did not like time being taken away from my schedule. I was scared to put my business in slow motion so that I could be there for Shaun.

But, it was indeed my ultimate act of self-love, because in stretching myself to give and give more, I was developing my spiritual muscles. I was given the opportunity to put my trust into ACTION. Because I listened to my heart, I was given tangible reward. I was shown that I can trust in my path of being guided by my heart. In stepping up for Shaun, I freed myself to live a life full of trust.

Living from my heart is my ultimate act of self-love. There is nothing more precious, more beautiful than trusting my heart and where it leads me. I know that I will ALWAYS be taken care of. I will always have what I need in each moment. I am blessed and I am grateful.

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Susie-Beiler-color-portrait-cropped-300x300Before I was given the diagnosis of “Chronic Fatigue Syndrome”, I thought I was healthy. I thought I was eating right and my exercise routine was keeping me in good shape.

I couldn’t have been more wrong.

I had to reach a breaking point before I was willing to look under the surface. CFS combined with a severe herniated disc plummeted me into exhaustion. It was only then that I took personal responsibility for my health and sought out “alternative healing modalities”.

But, I was overwhelmed with conflicting health information and I didn’t know where to start. Even though my schooling in Occupational Therapy taught me to see my patients as a whole person, I did not treat myself that way.

I needed perspective, help, and mentors. Step by step I began to find my way. I found teachers and healers to help me. I furthered my schooling with nutrition training from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. I invested deeply in high level mentorship.

Today, I am vastly different from the over-achieving, confused, overwhelmed, exhausted twenty-something woman I was years ago. I have peeled away the layers of confusion, indoctrination, and oppression to reveal the Shining Star that I know myself to be today.

I can help you peel away your layers of pain and hurt to reveal your true essence and find freedom and happiness in your life. Are you ready?

 You can reach Susie over at


  1. Powerful, beautiful, and sacred. Just like you. Thank you for living your heart wisdom. xoxo

  2. How wonderful! How clearly expressed.. Susie!
    Indeed, stretching…increases stretch! Taking the action of trusting brings about trust…
    Thank you so much!

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