Self-Love: A Forever Journey

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“To love one’s self, this is the greatest challenge we are all called to face.” 
― T. Scott McLeodAll That Is Unspoken

Self-love is not selfish nor is it something we should be afraid of. Self-love is showing ourselves that we are as important as our children, best friend, mother, father or spouse. It is actually an act which reaps benefits to those around us, and gives us a sense that we are intertwined, part of, and one with this beautiful world we live in.

A year ago, almost to this day, I embarked on the 40 Days of Self-Love challenge along with many online bloggers such as Tracie Nichols, M’chele JohnsonMohini Basu, and Suzie Beiler. They led me to an adventure so exciting, that I discovered a love for myself I never knew existed.

  • I began to embrace my body
  • I changed the way I chose my dress my body
  • It helped me put me first
  • It allowed me to set boundaries
  • It assisted me in finding things I love to do

Why do this again?: Because it is a forever journey!

Well let me tell you. We all know by now that loving ourselves is not something we do for only 40 days, the goal is to finally be able to find compassion for the person you are, and master the art of unconditional love, which starts with ourselves first.

During the first round of 40 days I was able to deepen the love, yet there came a time where the self-hate started rising, and even though I never stopped using the tools I learned, my mind was fighting my heart, thus I decided to continue this adventure on a deeper level.

Every time I am conscious of the love I give myself, I embrace all that is.

This is where I am at…

Today, day 1, I am going to embrace all that is today. Good, bad, happy, sad. I am going to consciously accompany myself  while seeking ways to be kind when the day gets rough, grateful when the day gives me joy, and loving myself thoughout everything.

Are you with me?

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Self-Love Smells Like Oranges by Tracie Nichols

Forgive by M’chele Johnson


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