3 dads

The bond that links your true family is not one of blood, but of respect and joy in each other’s life. ~Richard Bach

I had a memory come up the other night. It’s one of my dad. Back before all his heart problems. When he was healthy and able to do things.

We lived in Newport News, VA at the time and spent a lot of time with my older Aunt and Uncle who lived in the area. I was just learning how to ride a bike in their back yard. Daddy had taken off the training wheels and was walking behind me with his hand on the back of the bike to help give me balance.

It was a big spacious back yard and I can recall just how green the grass was. It wasn’t summer quite yet. But the big moment came when I was riding and we came to the little canning shed they had. I remember that shed, because it really wasn’t that little. It was big. And it was where my Aunt canned all her jams, jellies and veggies. I especially remember it for this cooler they had that they always kept glass bottled cokes in.

We got to the shed and Daddy just remarked… “you keep on going, I’m getting a coke”. And off he went. And I just kept riding. It took me a minute to realize that he was no longer holding on to the back of my bike. Of course when I realized he was no longer there, I stumbled a little and fell. Thank goodness it wasn’t on concrete!

And here I am reminded of a lesson. We have our parents there to guide us and help us as we learn and grow. And most of the time, they let go without warning and while we stumble a little, we eventually get our grounding and hit the road flying.

On Father’s Day, I called Greg. Regardless of how my 1st marriage ended. We always joke that I just divorced his son…Not the rest of the family. Talking to him was great. I felt a sort of peace talking to him and Ry. I’ve been listening to a CD in the car on my long drive to work and home each night. It’s called Black Hills by Nora Roberts. The main female character, Lil, has a sort of talisman which is a cougar.

Here again, I am reminded of my work with Greg. Of Spirit Guides and Spirit Animals. Of how we are the rainbow. Of how we are constantly works in progress and how important that work is and that progress is.

I also am reminded of the fun times at Universal Studios, the beach, the cooking for family gatherings and the building blocks of remodeling that is currently going on in my ever chaotic house.

You know they say that family is who and what you make of it. It doesn’t have to be blood. I am graced with that reminder daily. Of a family that took me in when my dad passed and has made me one of their own.

Pappy didn’t know my dad much, but later in life they were closer than when they were younger. Pappy currently is taking care of Daddy’s prize guitar for me. One that I wish I could get him to play sometime when I am around because I still think about the one time he did. I have a favorite picture that I keep around. It’s one of Pappy and I on my wedding day the first time around. It’s just a favorite. I can’t help but love it. And looking back, I have been taught and am being taught so many lessons on life, love, work, and self.

All because of my 3 dads. They are all special and all wonderful. And I love them all.

donna.powell.7_1397512197_69Donna’s Twitter bio describes her as: “Southern and loud! She loves her Crimson Tide, Marvel Comics, Thai food, Martinis, old movies and books, LOTS of books”.  Her journey towards empowerment & wellness began a couple of years ago when she stepped off a curb and broke her left ankle, both bones. She became aware, then and there:  her body was telling her something had to change!

Since then, Donna has listened to her true spirit.  When she’s not fabricating gorgeous quilts, spending time with good friends, her new hubby or writing on her blog, Donna takes the time to make herself a hot cuppa tea and truly listen to her body and its needs.

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