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“Be more than a father, be a dad. Be more than a figure, be an example.” 
― Steve Maraboli,

As I sit here the day after Father’s Day, I am thinking about my Dad. I rarely talk about my Dad, I rarely talk about my family for that matter. Family is something I keep very close to the vest. I never refer to them in my writing, in my practice or in too many conversations. For me, family is a very personal, and private topic.

I moved to Arizona three years ago to be nearer my family. I missed them and as I realized very quickly, my parents were showing the effects of time. I moved here to be with them, to enjoy them while they were still fairly active. I love my Dad (Mom too, in case she is reading this). My Dad is an old school sort of man, he still relies on the values he learned on his own at a very young age.

Trying to write this I find myself in unfamiliar territory; Talking about my family, especially my Dad has never been for public consumption. I learned that from him. For him, laundry, clean or dirty is a private matter. Sure I could tell you about my normal childhood, with parents that just celebrated 50 years of marriage. More love than you can comprehend. But in my world that is a given. I didn’t grow up in a dysfunctional home. Life was pretty routine. I used to think the dysfunction lie in the fact that we were too normal.

After moving away from my Dad for a lengthy period, I have come to discover a few things about my Dad.

He is understanding. I went through several changes while I lived in California. He doesn’t understand them, but he has always allowed me to be me. We sit on opposite sides of many fences and yet love is what keeps us grounded in our respect for each other. We may not always agree, in fact, we often agree to disagree

He is prideful. My Father’s pride is as big as the state of Texas, a reference to where we are from. He takes pride in his family and in hard work. I learned that from him. His entrepreneurial spirit is inspiring. My Dad’s work ethic is unwavering. This ethic is something he passed down to all his children.

I wish I could go on, but it is such a personal topic and my fingers don’t seem to want to type the words. So all I can give you is a small, yet powerful glimpse into my Dad. I have always said, if I could meet a man who is half as wonderful as my Dad, that is who I would married. I think that speaks volumes about the kind of man he is, and the kind of Father he is.

For the record, I am still single…..

55402_1762246174632_2455058_oCaren Schmidt is a Certified Holistic Health Coach and Life Strategist with a passion for helping women achieve a joyful life. A spiritual seeker who describes herself as “a late bloomer”, having only discovered her spiritual self in the last ten years. Caren practices a holistic approach with a focus on the mind-body connection; and believes everyone should make self care a priority.

Born and raised in Texas, Caren describes herself as a non-traditionalist. Learning her own core values at a young age and then taking them with her along her journey has made her who she is today. Caren always knew she wanted to be a writer, writing short stories and poetry since high school. She shelved her dream when she entered the workforce. Since then, Caren has written several blogs and is working on her book, You Have Such a Pretty Face…..If You’d Just Lose the Weight.

She is a supporter of the empowerment of women, working with them to find their own voice and teaching them to step into their higher self. Caren focuses on body image coaching and life strategies. Her background in wellness is always at the foundation of her coaching. Caren believes that when you nourish your body, you nourish your mind.

Caren lives in Arizona with her Rat Terrier, Harley. Her desert lifestyle is a far cry from the concrete jungle of San Francisco, the most recent place she called home. She is learning to navigate the suburban lifestyle with her city mentality. After all, Caren believes, it’s just part of the journey….

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