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felicity fix-it

felicity has a tool kit

for fixing family brokenness:


a rubber hammer for whacking down the lid on anger;

a plunger to unclog the stopped up flow of joy;

paint to disguise glum faces and touch-up long lost smiles;

machine oil for quieting the screech of grinding negativity;

carpenters’ glue for mending shaky bridges;

a bevel for dove-tailing broken spirits;

a sander for smoothing roughened dignity.


lately, she’s learning

there’s much she cannot mend:

round pegs do not fit into square holes;

repairs can’t be made to brick walls or shatter hearts;

screws do not stay in rotten wood;

duct tape and binder twine do not hold it all together.


so she’s packing up her tool belt

locking up the box and throwing out the key;

she’s quit her job

as miss fix-it for the universe;

she’s hung out a new shingle,

“will work for peace.”


she’s using different tools these days:

a level to stay in balance;

batteries for charging up her hope;

a tape measure tracking her journal of days;

a soft cloth for shining up her smile.


she’s simply letting it be,

writing ramshackle

accepting the reality of it,

brokenness and all.

Who is Kathie Sutherland?

katieI am a story in progress! In addition to my roles as wife, mother, grandmother, secretary, short story writer, poet, workshop guide and facilitator, I am a great cook, an avid reader, a people watcher and I adore the outdoors, especially the ocean and the forest. I love dogs, cherish my friends, and appreciate good photography. Though I’m curious and adventuresome and really enjoy travel, my home is my sanctuary.


  • Beyond these roles, I am a reflective, spiritual person who seeks truth, love and wholeness.
  • I respect all life, and strive to be aware and conscious.
  • I believe every human being has a story, but that we are more than our story.
  • My goal is to continue to shed my ego’s stories and embrace my true and authentic self.
  • I am a soul diver whose creativity is filled with images and experiential detail that represent my truest self.
  • I love word craft and the power of connotation and meaning.
  • I am a lifelong learner who strives to find the gifts in my experience.
  • I am a steadfast and compassionate friend, a good listener and cheerleader.
  • I appreciate our common need for connection and belonging.

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