Begin With Valor – by Donna Powell

woman of valor by SusieLubell

Woman of Valor by Susie Lubell

“Valor is strength, not of legs and arms, but of heart and soul; it consists not in the worth of our horse or our weapons, but in our own.” 
― Michel de MontaigneCannibales

This month I started out with a goal: Start my journey and begin with Valor.

Here is a list of things that I wanted to do this month.

  1. Compliment at least 1 woman a day
  2. Write how I am a woman of Valor
  3. Put my warrior princess into words and send to Brandee to draw her.

As time went on, before I could even start the post, I began to question it and what I wanted to do with my project. Ultimately I want to empower women. I want to be a true Woman of Valor; however,  my faith jumped in and started making me ask questions.

Questions I wasn’t really ready to answer.

I stopped, and began to look a little more inside.

What do I have to do? What do I ultimately want?

It is time to take stock: I need to look at me as a whole. Where I have been, where I am. Where I am going? I’ve come pretty dang far these past two years. I started out in a not so go for me relationship, yet quickly it was over and I moved back home to get a grip so to speak.

“How much truth does a spirit endure, how much truth does it dare?” 
― Friedrich NietzscheEcce Homo

I got it!

Donna completes the 5k!

Donna completes the 5k!

I have a comfy home. I have a great job. I have my own already paid for car. I make a pretty nice salary, and in February I started seeing someone who is not a toxic person.

Life is good for me. I’ve put myself out there more in the past few months then I have ever done. I’ve completed a 5 K. I applied for and won a scholarship to attend a school in St. Louis. I’ve been to the top of the St. Louis Arch. I’ve been to the top of Mountain View in Hot Springs, AR. On the 27th, I will be giving a speech at a Mid-Year Conference.

I think I’ve done pretty good. And now I want to do more. So here I am reassessing what I want to do and what my goals are. I still want to work on my project. I just now have to dive in and get started.

When I was working on the speech I have to give, I started reviewing my old notes. I found some that I made at school, when we were in a lull. I want to bring those goals to fruition.

So the question is where to start. Well, since it’s the end of the month, I am going to spend the last few days taking personal inventory. Then, I’m going to plot and plan out my next course.

But first, I’m going to take just a bit of time for me….So hot bath and cup of tea..Here I come.

Get the Deets On Donna!

DonnapowellDonna’s Twitter bio describes her as: “Southern and loud! She loves her Crimson Tide, Marvel Comics, Thai food, Martinis, old movies and books, LOTS of books”.  Her journey towards empowerment & wellness began a couple of years ago when she stepped off a curb and broke her left ankle, both bones. She became aware, then and there:  her body was telling her something had to change!

Since then, Donna has listened to her true spirit.  When she’s not fabricating gorgeous quilts, spending time with good friends, or writing on her blog, Donna takes the time to make herself a hot cuppa tea and truly listen to her body and its needs.

You can follow Donna’s journey on her blog: Lipstick, Keats, and Tea ~ Because sometimes that’s all a girl needs and on Twitter.



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  1. I am so excited to watch you on this journey. Love this post. Look at all you have accomplished already. So proud of you. YOU are a woman of valor.

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