Meeting Up With Old Friends – Day 29 – #40DaysofSelfLove

old friends

“Friendship,” said Christopher Robin, “is a very comforting thing to have.” ― A.A. Milne

Today, I am doing something different! Today I am opening the door to being “social” and it is a huge HUGE step for me. A dear friend of mine, whom I have not seen in 30 years, is in town, and she is bringing 2 more dear friends I have not seen in that long either. I mean, the last time I saw these wonderful women, we were playing “Truth or Dare” in Shirley’s basement (and to my surprise, they had me kiss my crush Rob)

In those days we often gave each other friendship bracelets, a piece of leather wrapped around your wrist, and you only took it off if the friendship ended and if it broke OH NO! the friendship was headed for doom. In 1983, Culture Club, Kool and The Gang, and Air Supply were rockin’ the airwaves, although some of us were more into Iron Maiden.  Flashdance, the movie, was playing at the nearby theater, and we all cut our shirts at the shoulders for the occasion. There were no cellphones, D.V.D.’s or plasma T.V.’s we hung out wherever the cops let us hang out, and most of the time, we were in someone’s basement. Fun times!

Why is this such a big deal for me?  Well, as I have written many times here on my blog, I suffer from GAD (generalized anxiety disorder) agorophobia and panic. Being “social” makes me very VERY anxious and going “out” is a huge challenge.

Thus is why, when my friend M. asked me to go out with them somewhere, I spoke my truth (which was difficult because “Will they think I am lame?) and said I prefered they come here and visit.  M. replied “How bout’ we come over for coffee?” ahhhh.. What a thoughtful and understanding thing to propose.

I am NOT crazy!!

What I have experienced so far on this journey of self-love, is the more I speak my truth, the more understanding I get in return. In the past, I thought if I spoke my truth, people would argue it, try to change it, define it, judge it, and they did at times. However, the more I believe in my truth, the opposite is happening. I receive compassion.



Oh.. yes, there will be those “naysayers” around me all my life, yet, since I am becoming more and more grounded in what I believe in and how I value myself as a human being.. well.. the more positive reactions I receive.

So in taking this HUGE leap of Self-Love by meeting up with old friends, I applaud myself.

I’ll be anxious, but it will ease as the day goes on, and I gave myself the gift of “socializing” with old dear friends.

Can you say YAY?!

I know I have that friendship bracelet somewhere…..



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  1. Kim….YAY!!

    I know I’m late but good for you!
    I totally get it. Because I have the double no triple whammy of being an adoptee, being an introvert and being sick …I fear social settings. Situations I can’t control I’d rather not be part of. I need to lay down when I need to..not later. I also think its wonderful that you have people from your past..what a gift …Keep speaking your truth and the right kind of people will show up in your life. I love how much you have grown <3

    • Kim

      July 7, 2013 at 11:06 am

      Thank you Claire!! Be sure to read today’s post, which I am about to write about now, for an update!

  2. OHHHH!! You are so very lucky to have these friends come back into your life! We used to get into those photo machines too! I love your red dress and have a wonderful visit!

  3. Yayyyyy!
    Have awesome coffee and the greatest catching up, Kim!

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