In a Daydream – Day 21 – #40DaysofSelfLove

Allowing myself to daydream without judging.. is allowing myself to go deeply into another parallel world. – Kim Larocque

Yesterday, I found myself in some sort of inner world, thinking about how life would be if some of my wildest dreams came true. Instead of boggling my mind with the old tapes “Oh money doesn’t bring happiness” “Rich people are snobs” and “Money = greed”, I decided to put those thoughts in the trash can and really let my imagination take over.

I went on a trip!

I took a walk with Gibson (my fur baby), and found myself wandering towards the house of my dreams. It is built right by the water, with balconies looking out on the Lake of Two-Mountains, with a built-in pool, an outdoor fireplace, 5 bedrooms (some with their own balcony). Two bathrooms and a garden to die for.

The price: Over a Million Dollars!

dream houseWhat would I do with a house like that? My mind tries to tell me I am silly to even dream about living there, but I said “Hey, get lost, I am trying to have fun here!”

  • I imagined the children and I lounging around the pool, and enjoying the summer, and the fairy tale view we would get in winter.
  • I imagined family gatherings, and having a nice room for my parents to stay in.
  • I imagined dinners, and BBQ’s and fun.
  • I imagined how my room would look like with a kind size bed, and my dream comforter and sheets. The sheets being covered in a butterfly pattern. Maybe I would even have a jacuzzi there to relax.
  • I imagined quiet times in my outdoor sanctuary, and writing on my own personal balcony (which would be full of flowers in summer). Meditating early morning to the sound of the birds, the wind in the leaves, and the splash of the water on the shore.
  • I imagined the freedom we would feel as a family not to worry about house payments or rent (because of course in this dream the house would be paid for)
  • I imagined cooking in the kitchen of my dreams… and having the kids clean it up (I told you I was crazy!)
  • I imagined movie nights in our big movie room, with surround sound and a popcorn machine.

I imagined.. I imagined.. I imagined… how it would feel!

Taking myself on these visualizations is magically delicious! I mean just walking up to the house yesterday, brought me joy to dream! Positive “What if’s” are way better than the “What if’s” which darken the spirit..

Why not right?

Do you daydream? If so, what do you like to daydream about? I find myself daydreaming more and more like I used to when I was in school, and the teacher kept on calling me “distracted” to my mom. No no.. it wasn’t distraction.. it was “getting out of this world to my inner one” 🙂

My favorite daydreams often consist of at least a willow tree, a body of water, and me reading or just sitting in the grass.. or playing with the butterflies..

Go! Tell me yours!

“I live in two unique worlds, traveling between both with just the opening or closing of my eyes.” 
― Richelle E. Goodrich

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  1. ohhhhhh….I am coming to visit too!!! Sometimes I feel like you are my mind reader because this morning(before I read your post!!) I started to feel so sad about not being close to my kids and grandsons. So, I thought, I will imagine I am with them at the beach, playing ball, swimming and having a picnic! I could feel myself starting get happier!!! thanks Kim xoxo (

    • Kim

      June 28, 2013 at 7:53 pm

      Ahh.. the imagination is a beautiful thing. When my daughter missed her grandma, dad, and aunts or cousins.. I invented a story, where she had a magic leaf and she could go pick up her loved ones one by one by going around rainbows and the sun and through the clouds! She still loves this story! So.. Catherine.. hop on that leaf and fly!! You can pick up anyone on that leaf.. make sure you stop here ok?

  2. I am coming over to visit…. with my box full of various teas!
    Lovelove, Kim!

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