Eavesdropping on My Spirit – Day 18 – #40DaysofSelfLove

angel whisper

“When angels speak of love they tell us it is only by loving that we enter an earthly paradise. They tell us paradise is our home and love our true destiny.”

―Bell Hooks, All About Love: New Visions

I knew there would come a time with daily writing I would hit a wall.. And today, well the wall is up, it is strong, and I cannot seem to break through. Daily writing tends to be repetitious, yet my intention is to document this 40 Day Challenge in hope to return again and again…

Today, I need a moment of silence, I moment to listen.

Other things have been on my mind. Money, groceries, appointments, not being able to go out, Summer Vacation.. Things just got all scrambled!

My inspiration is there, yet it feels like it wants to “wait awhile” to say what it wants to say. My muse is whispering, foretelling, singing… She wants me to tell you a secret.. but I cannot grasp what it is.

My angels are calling me..

They want me to ponder, to chant, to meditate…

I am eavesdropping on my heart..

So today, I am going to leave you with a short excerpt of ―Bell Hooks’ book All About Love: New Visions which totally resonated with me, because yes, I am starting to want to date again (that is another story all together).

I am being prepared for you.. as you are for me.

“One of the best guides to how to be self-loving is to give ourselves the love we are often dreaming about receiving from others. Therewas a time when I felt lousy about my over-forty body, saw myself as too fat, too this, or too that. Yet I fantasized about finding a lover who would give me the gift of being loved as I am. It is silly, isn’t it, that I would dream of someone else offering to me the acceptance and affirmation I was withholding from myself. This was a moment when the maxim “You can never love anybody if you are unable to love yourself” made clear sense. And I add, “Do not expect to receive the love from someone else you do not give yourself.”

Lets continue to love ourselves… a little bit, a lot, a medium-sized bit… every single day…

Baby steps!!



  1. The angels are with us! Here’s something I read “today I keep a distance and I wait patiently for what I want to come to me”. luv u xoxo

  2. A listening heart honoring silence is a very loving place 🙂

  3. Love you, Muse!!!
    I have heard in my heart said of earth-angels that their light is in having lived through the shadow!

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