#40DaysofSelfLove – A Celebration – Day 13


“The year you were born marks only your entry into the world. Other years where you prove your worth (*to yourself*), they are the ones worth celebrating. 
― Jarod KintzThis Book Title is Invisible

We are heading into the second week of the 40 Days of Self-Love Challenge, and I am feeling like this party is just getting started!

Amazing what 2 weeks of honoring yourself can do to your mind, your body, your spirit! I am starting to feel uplifted, trusting and loved. I am kinder, gentler, and patient with my self. Yet, the work is not done, loving myself is a full-time commitment, one that I am not ready to ever forget.

I am feeling things shifting inside… The daily trips to the mirror to say: “I love you beautiful”, the serenades, the “what I did today” lists, etc.. All bring me to a place I have never really been before within. Oh.. I may have visited, but I never stayed long enough to really REALLY experience what self-love is.

Its a Lift-Off!

Often we find places in our lives where we forget, we ignore, we just “don’t wanna” see. We chastise, worry and find fault with everything. Yes!! There will be days like this, however, this challenge is going to go beyond 40 Days.. the 40 Days is just the “lift off”.

The bridge.. the passage from here to there… The journey will continue, yet my spirit already feels like “she can trust me now”. I don’t abandon her, I don’t forsake her, I don’t leave her.. I am here to stay.girl-sitting-on-dock

On this day, the 13th day of this challenge, I want to take a moment to really acknowledge how far I have come in 13 days holding my hand. I want to celebrate the women who are on this journey with me, and acknowledge the inspiration they bring me.  Lets have some cake, or a piece of chocolate, maybe a glass of wine, or even a nice dinner… Or get ourselves a “non-food” gift (I love food) like our favorite flower, or book a massage.  We’ve worked hard, I’ve worked hard, and that my friends deserves a celebration.

If you want to join us, you can come into the challenge on you Day 1 anytime. You can ask to join our Facebook Group here. Also, come over to my Facebook page and share your self-love and accomplishments. I would love to hear your story!!

Can’t wait!!

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