Doing it Differently – Day 10


“The trick to forgetting the big picture is to look at everything close up.” 
― Chuck Palahniuk

Have you ever tried something new with pure joy and excitement and it didn’t work like you hoped it would? So you continue to try and the whole thing just falls apart, frustration is mounting and pulling out your hair seems to be the only option ? I know I have.

Once, I had this really great article in mind to write for my blog. I thought about it just before falling asleep (the best time for ideas!). It was a great post; thus, I was stoked to type it out and publish. But when it came to expressing these ideas in writing, it wasn’t flowing like I wanted it to, and I was about to give up. I began to think my idea was dumb, and no one would ever like it anyhow so I abandoned it.

Not very self loving….

Today I came across Calvin and Hobbs in my news feed:

calvin balloon

You see Calvin is a smart little bugger! In this strip, all he wanted to do is make that kite fly. Maybe there was not enough wind that day, or maybe he just couldn’t get the hang of it. Maybe the kite was warped or broken, but instead of giving up his excitement of seeing something float in the air, Calvin chooses differently. He goes for the helium balloon and his wish is granted. Big smiles ensue.

“Ima gonna” try  new way of looking at stuff.. and try something different!

What if I tried doing something differently with my super-duper idea that day. What if I tried drawing or doodling it. What if I wrote a poem about it, or expressed it in another form. Dance maybe? Photography? Maybe that wonderful article I had in mind would have turned into a work of art!!

So today, Day 10 of the 40 Days of Self-Love Challenge. I am going to stop myself when I get annoyed with something which isn’t  working the way I would want it to.. and do it differently.

There are many examples…

  • Getting angry with your teen for not listening?.. stop for a second.
  • The cap will not open on your jar?… stop for a second.
  • The pencil you are sharpening keeps on breaking?… stop for a second.
  • The clothes you really want to wear are just not looking good today?… stop for a second.

I think we all have the idea right?

Thanks Calvin. Because after all, a helium balloon, would make me just as happy anyday!

Here’s to another wonderful week of self-love. Check out Tracie’s post which brought tears to my eyes — > here

“Some people see the glass half full. Others see it half empty.
I see a glass that’s twice as big as it needs to be.” 
― George Carlin

self - love - challenge

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  1. Great! I am going to be thinking about this every time I am annoyed with something, Kim! Thank you!

  2. Carole Décarie

    June 17, 2013 at 2:45 pm

    and some people drinks the glass…. lol… Great post Kim !

  3. Oh! Oh, boy!
    Indeed… indeed, Kim! This is it!

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