Happy Father’s Day – Daddy, a poem

fathers day quote

To my dad and all dads who care enough to give the very best of themselves to their children.


Let me tell you a story,

I swear to God its true,

The first love of my life,

Was really really you!

In the early morning,

I loved to watch you shave,daddy

And when you suited up for work,

Love hit me like a wave.


You kissed me every morning,

And hugged me every night,

Laughing at your stories,

Left me sleeping snug and tight.


Your love for things like music,

Words and silly games,

Has followed me my lifetime,

And keeps my mind aflame.


I was a little jealous.

of things that took your time.

This makes me a wee bit sad,

As I write this little rhyme.


The woman I have now become,

Today I know you see !

And because of you, my dad!

I am all that I can be!!

Happy Father’s Day dad and to tall fathers!

I love you mucho grande!








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  1. Sweet sentiments!

  2. Carole Décarie

    June 16, 2013 at 4:09 pm

    Simply beautiful …best father’s day gift André. 🙂

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