40 Days of Self-Love – Day 2 More Words of Compassion

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“Be gentle first with yourself if you wish to be gentle with others.” ~Lama Yeshe

On the first day of my self-love quest I decided I would speak only loving words to myself.  Right before I headed to the shower, I took a long adoring look in the mirror and stared right at my body. Usually, my first reaction is to go EW! and inspect every imperfection; however, since I made the intention to speak lovingly  before going into the bathroom, I laid my dark brown eyes on my curves, and the first thing I said is:  

“You are beautiful”! 

WOWIE! I never thought that setting an intention would drastically change the way words come out of my mouth. As I continued to inspect my body, loving every angle, beauty mark, love handles, and curves, I realized that I belittle myself in more ways than one; thus, this needs to change.

I need to go further…  self-compassion unite!

Being real, there will be times when I slip and call myself “dumb” or “stupid” or maybe even “lazy or unorganized!  So this morning as I woke, I thought how wonderful it would be if I consciously took the time to write everything I do in a positive light, instead of focusing on the things I am not doing or saying.

For example, I would self-berate if I didn’t do the dishes… or ruminate on the fact that I forgot to take out the garbage that day. I mean, how ugly can we be with words?  If I want to help eradicate bullying in the world, I certainly need to speak kinder to me right?

Step 1:  Focus on what you do, not on what you didn’t do!

Today, I am starting a list.. The only things which are allowed on that list are things which I have done, said, or created, to make me or other’s happy. If a negative thought comes up, I will allow it a few seconds.. time enough for me to grab a piece of paper to reflect on the counter I just wiped, or the meal I just cooked.

Are you getting it?

What kind words can you say to yourself today?  Join me, Tracie Nichols, Susie Bieler  in rockin’ this self-love train:  You can ask to join Susie’s fabulous Facebook Group (of course I am there!) 40 Days of Self-Love. You can also share your blog right here on my Facebook page. I want to join in your journey too!

Join us on twitter with the hashtag #40daysoflove

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  1. I love the list of things I did do! I have been trained to do that at work, make a productivity list, to measure how much time each task requires. Instead of making it about how much I can cram into a day this list is all the stuff I did and enjoyed.

  2. GREAT idea! Busily adding it to the list of self-loving things I can do 🙂

  3. Hey Kim! I love your idea about focusing on the happy things in our life! I will be making up my happy list and setting my intentions for lots of loving messages! Thanks for keeping us posted!!xoxo

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