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The light is what guides you home, the warmth is what keeps you there.  ~Ellie Rodriguez

As most of you know by now, interpreting dreams is a passion of mine,  I love to guide someone towards the interpretation of their dreams.  Something I have noticed, is everyone, at least once, has a house dream.  This type of dream  shows up in many forms: mansions, childhood homes, castles, family homes, cottages.  Some are often familiar, haunted, broken down, or  being renovated.  They can also be full, empty, colorful or falling apart.. so many types of houses in dreams, but what do these dreams mean?

Often, in my life, I have dreamed of Victorian Mansions or “castlelike” homes, with many many stories and secret passages!  Those are my most favorite dreams.  I love to discover new rooms which appear out of nowhere, like this one dream where I lived in this house and after years and years never knew there was an extra bedroom.  It was hidden in a small corner under the stairs.  The magical feeling I had discovering his in my dream  is a feeling I rarely experience awake. Thinking back now, did this room represent something hidden inside of me ready to be discovered?  Most probably.  It also could have meant I had hidden issues which needed to be addressed.  Another theory, which I do not dismiss, it that I once lived in that Victorian Mansion in a past life.  It is possible.. in fact, in dreams, anything can happen.

Yet, for today,  I want to focus on one aspect of the house in dreams, which is:  The House represents self.  Take this snippet I found on About.com:

For the psychologist Carl Jung, building a house was a symbol of building a self. In his autobiographical Memories, Dreams, Reflections, Jung described the gradual evolution of his home on Lake Zurich. Jung spent more than thirty years building this castle-like structure, and he believed that the towers and annexes represented his psyche.

I believe this is true in life, however, it also represents the reality of  some dreams.  If you look at the levels in a house, attic, main floors, basement, all these represent a part of “self” in dreams.  Although I am a true believer that each floor would represent what that floor means to YOU, there are general interpretations one could look at.  I would caution against generalizing, yet, these interpretations I use as a blueprint, like an astrologer would use the general meaning of each sign.

In the interpretation of The Mausoleum, I explained the different levels, according to Jung, by looking at the iceberg, the conscious mind or intellect represents The Attic, different rooms and main floors represent different aspects of self, or a specific aspects of your soul, mind or spirit, I tend to believe the mind is up there with the attic.  Consequently, the basement is where your subconscious mind and intuition live.

Yet, do not forget, these are general statements, as for some, basements may represent fear, loneliness or depression, and attics may represent the same.  So it is good to really look at the symbols in your dream and relate them to what they mean to you!

The house as a whole can represent safety, comfort and love.  Rooms, as mentioned above can represent a spiritual part of oneself.   In Jen’s dreams, A house is a home: Where the Spirit Lies you can see, if you refer to them, the comfort aspect is predominant, and one room in particular struck me:


The renovated room.  There is a room in you, some part of you that maybe you “forgot about”  (I think this room represents a part of you spirit) that was improved and decorated.. and you are willing to spend more time there now that you have discovered its beauty..

In Face In – Workin’ On It The house in Mel’s dream represented her:

This house represents the new you, your essence, the “new phase” you are shifting to. The upper part of the house is usually where your thoughts lie. The narrow staircase reminds me “narrow minded” or the parts of all of us that is like so. So that you hadn’t noticed the “narrow staircase” makes me think of “today” in life, you are “opening up” to new things. Being surprised of how big it is up there, is also you realizing that things are bigger than they seem..

In conclusion, the next time you do have a house dream, ask yourself these questions:

  • What is going on in my life right now?
  • How is this affecting my spirit?
  • What part of me is this touching?  Intellect? Spirit? 
  • Look for colors, shapes and how these make you feel?
  • Were you happy, excited or fearful? 
  • Who was in house with you? 
  • Was it empty, furnished or full of staircases?  

There are plenty more questions you may ask yourself after any dream, however, remember to relate it to what is happening in your life, even the weirdest dreams have meaning:


Everything in the unconscious seeks outward manifestation…
– Carl Jung

As for me, I am hoping to return to my Victorian Home full of winding staircases, floors and gorgeous rooms.  And those secret passageways, those I can get lost in for hours!



If you have any questions about house dreams, please do not hesitate to contact me on my Facebook page (see left hand side bar and click on LIKE) or email me at kim.larocque@sympatico.ca

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  1. Thanks, Kim.

    You know, the dreaming is easy. I’m sure I dream. I used to remember my dreams. Now, I simply awake from slumber without a recollection of them. It’s been this way for a while. I’d like to think I’m sleeping much better. I believe I am.

  2. I’ve had so many house dreams off and on through the years. Often big, rambling houses with lots of rooms. I’ve been working on myself for years and I think that is what all those dreams represented to me. In my waking life I love to explore old houses…it’s probably why I love HGTV. Thanks for posting this thoughtful article Kim!

    • Kim

      April 20, 2013 at 2:12 pm

      I love old houses too!! I would so love to go visit a castle with real secret passageways etc.. 🙂

  3. I am so happy you wrote about this Kim! I have had a recurring dream about the log house I built with my ex. It’s about a big addition thats being constructed, new rooms and a lot of other things going on! I’ve always wondered why I keep dreaming about this house!!

  4. This article immediately made me think of something Jack Canfield said during his Ask Jack free teleseminars last fall, that struck me so profoundly because of the depth of its truth. “Does your environment “inspire” or “expire” you?

    Your article brings back the truth how many layers there are to us as a living spiritual being in a human body.

    • Kim

      April 19, 2013 at 1:53 pm

      Thank you and it is so true.

      Right now the state of my home, reflects my inner state: Cluttered!

      Getting ready to spring clean. 🙂

      • Kim, that is why I end up mindless cleaning when I am dealing with anxiety. It is my way of cleaning up what is stressing me out on the inside. If I clean up clutter, it is one less thing to stress me out.

  5. Very interesting article, Kim!

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