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“For me, prayer is a surge of the heart; it is a simple look turned toward heaven, it is a cry of recognition and of love, embracing both trial and joy.” 
― Thérèse de Lisieux

When events happen like the one in Boston yesterday, I cannot help but sit there and watch the news. I am a news junkie at times, and I have also learned that eventually I have to turn it off. I am not being selfish, or uncaring about the people who are suffering at the moment, I am listening to my body, and know if I keep on watching I will feel the panic.

We absorb other’s emotions like a sponge!

My son came home from school yesterday upset. He didn’t know why, nothing in particular happened at school, but when he looked at me to try to explain he began to cry holding me really tight. Being an empath myself (for more info on empaths click here), I told him the feelings he was probably experiencing didn’t belong to him, and he had to find a way to release those emotions. Crying often does the trick for me… as it did for him, yet his sadness remained until bedtime.

OMG! I had CNN on most of the evening.

As everyone who watched this channel, CNN replays the same video of the event over and over. Because they have no NEW video to show, and because I am sure they want those who just “tuned in” to see the horrific images of what happened. My son kept on glancing at the screen every so often saying:  “What is happening now?”

Off went the TV!

What happened  SUCKS!!

However, I have to take the time to “tune” in to what is good. If I don’t I will panic. So I took off with the dog and decided to explore the beauty all around me, something I have done regularly for the past year and a half.

It is easy to look at the world as a whole when tragedies happen. It may be easy to say: “Where is this world coming to?” and all which lays in front is dark, tumultuous, and bleak. As a reminder, if I look at what is in front of me… Really look deeply in the eyes of the world. Life is really going on.

  • The birds are making nests.
  • The the buds on the trees are forming.
  • The rain is washing away the dirt from the past winter.
  • My plant just sprouted a new leaf.

crocus april 14 2Looking at the details is really important.. taking the time to see that even though there is crazy stuff happening, there is also life happening. Good life. Hugs are being felt, kisses are given…. and at one exact moment I bet millions of people are expressing their love to someone… by sharing, smiling, giving, serenading… you name it!  There is LOVE out there people!

Today, I am going to do what I often do, say a prayer of peace to the world, enveloping it in loving white love light. Then, I am going to be a beacon of peace and me, to my surroundings, to my family to the world… because this is the ONLY way I can make anything better.

I think I am going to smile at everyone I see today… just in case <3

 Love and light to everyone on this planet!



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  1. Carole Décarie

    April 16, 2013 at 2:02 pm

    For myself I take the time to grieve … I know it will pass like all grieving and I know there is also good in this world. I do feel insecure and anxious when such an event occurs and deal with it by surrounding myself with people I love and expressing how we feel about this tragedy. My way of praying is to offer my deepest sympathies to all those people who were directly affected by this tragedy even if I don’t know them. I think about them and hope they can feel the love and compassion we feel for them right now.

    • Kim

      April 16, 2013 at 3:40 pm

      Yes!! Grieving is so important… it allows us to remain with the feeling in order to heal it.


  2. Joanne Young Elliott (@soulsprite)

    April 16, 2013 at 12:57 pm

    Yes there is LOVE out there and in us. It’s what I focus on. I went for a walk this morning to remind myself that LIFE is happening, too. Thank you for writing this Kim…for being a sane voice when so many go and stay in the panic.

  3. Love will prevail over hate and light over darkness! We are the lightbringers and we pray for peace. Thanks Kim xoxo

  4. The attacks in Boston are truly horrific, and my thoughts are with everyone who is touched by the events.

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