Acceptance – And so it is…


Awake by the light of day,

Routine kicks in… grateful

Routine kicks in… bored..

Routine boredom saddens..

I am lost

What happened in the last hour?

Those voices in my mind whispering,

Am I addicted to sadness?

My heart swells, tears on the edge..


I want more..

I want to be well..

I want to walk, to run, to dwell

I know this too shall pass..

In an hour, a day, a week?

There are so many things in which I seek.

Your heat, your passion become mine;

I see your reflection in my glass of wine.

Do you see the pain firing in my gut?

The crap, the sinister voices?

If only you could feel it..

You would understand.

If only you could touch it

with the gentleness of your hand.

If only you could feel me

with the compassion of your heart

If only I could run with it…

and then I could restart..

…The routines of the day

could become adventures in a way;

I live with what it brings..

If in despair.. then I will pray.

 And so it is!


Kim Larocque 2013

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  1. well thats simply bittersweet and beautiful Kim…thank you
    much love and many blessings

  2. I just loved the poem Kim..Sending you sunshine so you may continue on your journey. Clear thoughts and clear paths xxoo

  3. Hugs Kim. Sending you love and light today! xoxo <3

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