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JaggedLittlePieces_FlatforeBooksAlmost exactly a year ago to this day, Kellie Elmore asked me if I could interview her for the release of her now renowned poetry collection, Magic In The Backyard (see interview here). I had no idea this would launch me into literary blogging. I am truly grateful today to have a guest post from Kellie. Her book, Jagged Little Pieces, just released this month, is now available to the public. Continue reading as Kellie ends our series on The Pot Of Gold, by sharing her take on the subject.


The idea behind the ‘pot of gold’ has always reminded me of the search for happiness. The often elusive dream of something better, reflected in the hopeful colors of the rainbow after the storms of life we withstand.

And just recently I set out on a new path. Taking a new direction to try to find myself just a piece of that gold.

Writing has always been a way for me to find peace in the chaos of life. Pressing my pen to paper is my drug. Straight-lining happiness into my veins. Releasing the worry and woe, healing my pain and exploring who I am and how I feel through the craft of word weaving. When I wrote my first collection, Magic in the Backyard, I was overwrought with grief for the passing of two of the most important people in my life. I turned to my pen and nature to soothe the dull ache that had set up in my soul. I sought rejuvenation in the beauty of the earth and in memories. And ultimately, I was able to better cope with their deaths and once again find some joy.

My second collection, though quite different in contents, was yet another part of the healing process for me. Writing Jagged Little Pieces allowed me to let go of things in my past that had been haunting and tainting my relationships with people I love, people who don’t deserve to suffer the consequences of my insecurities and past mistakes.

I used to keep a diary which helped me vent, but since I found writing, my poetry has become my diary. A very public one at that. I wanted to be completely honest with myself and others. In hopes that it might help people better understand me and why I am the way I am. So, I use words to paint them a picture. Magic was fairly easy to share, as we have all lost people dear to us and we have all suffered the sorrow of loss. Jagged, on the other hand, was not quite that easy.

In order to maintain my goal of sharing honestly, I had to allow myself to write of things that are not so comfortable. Things inside my head, no matter how crazy or dysfunctional they may be, I had to let them go. If only to find that I am not the only one who has ever thought them or felt them. Jagged Little Pieces, if I am to be completely open and honest, is my way of finding validation and comfort. To know that I am not alone and let others know that they aren’t either. We are all flawed human beings in search of happiness, acceptance and approval.  And those things are just as elusive as finding the end of that rainbow.

My latest journey is to seek peace without words. Not that I will not be writing anymore, but I will be taking more time for myself. Through daily guided meditation and a quest for more knowledge of the spiritual realm, I hope to find purpose and peace. I have learned through the trials of living and documenting them through poetry, that life is so very precious and I have been consumed with so many things that will not matter in the end. I have given too much power to the negative things and I am determined to reverse their effects on not only my mind but my spirit as well. And I am looking forward to seeing how this will affect my future writings.

As we continue this walk through life, I hope you will savor each moment. When you laugh, when you smile, when you shed a tear of joy…take note, bottle it up and drink from it often. Those will be worth more than any pot of gold.


Kellie Elmore is a writer who believes self-expression is most beautiful in its pure, raw and unedited form, transforming the simplest words into something you can feel. Kellie finds inspiration in nature and in the humble surroundings of her “backyard” – Southeast Tennessee. Through her charming prose and engrossing narratives, Kellie writes freely on many subjects both fiction and semi-autobiographical, penning her way through cherished and magical moments as well as tragic losses. Her goal is to take readers back, rekindle a memory, or elicit a feeling.

Follow Kellie on her website and find her onFacebook & Twitter.


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  1. I will be looking for your books, Kellie! Lately I’ve been finding that releasing it all in words on paper is keeping me sane!! All the best and congradulations on your book release!

  2. Thanks for having me over, Kim! xoxoxox

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