We Simply Cannot Afford to Look the Other Way


Although this meme is tagged Atheism 411, I am not an Atheist. This meme brought up so much in me that I had to put my thoughts on paper. I may seem I am going here and there with this post, and I even contemplated not posting it, however, I think it is important for me to try new things, and come up with different posts to practice my writing skills. As I writer, there is so much I want to voice, and learning how to put my thoughts and feelings into words, well is helping me find where I stand as a member of this huge community of blessed spirits.


“The imagination is the goal of history. I see culture as an effort to literally realize our collective dreams.” 
― Terence McKenna

There is a child somewhere, begging for his life. There are children in the world fighting for the last piece of bread, and there are people in the world who are dying due to lack of food. There are women running away from their persecutors, and there are men, forced at young ages, do carry rifles. There are populations who still deal with the fear of bombs hitting their town, and there are millions of people suffering from illnesses, mental breakdowns, and burnout.

If all I see is pain, there is pain in my heart. Yet, I cannot close my eyes to what is going on in this beautiful world of ours. I mean, there are people rejoicing this exact minute. New births, a mother miraculously cured of her illness, a father getting his old job back. There are peaceful endings to wars, and new growth. Marriages, contracts, new houses being moved into. Lottery winners, graduates graduating.

Which way do we look?

Some say if our collective consciousness keeps on focusing on what is right with our world, our world around us will reflect this. Yet, and yes there is a YET, we cannot go on ignoring the hungry, the homeless, the mentally ill, and those who need our help. We cannot go on with blindfolds and pretending NOT to see. Our eyes, in fact, must be wide open, because the more we see, the more we can help.

This doesn’t mean you pack all your belongings, and become a missionary in a war filled country (there are some that do). So with a problem so huge, we often become overwhelmed and think “I surely cannot, on my own, solve all the problems in Africa”. We may not be able to solve all the problems of the world, however, we are truly capable of making a difference.

I mean, if you look at it, you are part of your home, and your home is part of a town, that town is part of a community, this community is part of more communities. Together these communities form a state or a province, and those states and provinces form a country, that country is part of a nation of individuals, animals, nature, who co-habit. These countries put together form continents, AND united these continents form the world. NOW

Think of it.ripples

If there were no lines on the world map, from the time maps were drawn, do you think we would view the world in the same way?

Would we be living in a world of mine is yours, and yours is yours, and “don’t touch my effin’ stuff!”?

Another question arises: Would it be possible to live in a world without leaders? If we ran on the basis of love and exchange? Or, do we as groups of people need leaders to guide us, like the elders of certain clans?

This would be a good subject for another blog post.. . It does tie into what I am trying to say though. I know MANY of you are doing everything in every possible way to make a difference, to help, assist, seek, and be compassionate the world around you. Every day, I look up to you and think: “Wow look at him/her go! She/he has guts, bravado and determination…”

I think we all are, these brave souls making a difference in the world. Sometimes we just do not see how our actions affect others. The more we are honest and give of ourselves, in a healthy way, the more this love ripples into the lives of others. Ripples can go a long long way.

So, don’t give up on trying to make a difference. It really does begin at home, in your world, in your environment, in your community. If all of us smiled at each other while meeting on the street, we would see the other like we see ourselves, and then, right then, the reflection of who we really are, will multiply a million times over.

So the child dying of hunger, we may not be able to help him/her directly, yet, keeping them in mind, knowing they exist reminds us that we MUST continue to open up our eyes to what exists out there, while assisting those close to us, in our communities… it begins here.

Please leave me your thoughts on this. I appreciate your wisdom!

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  1. Carole Décarie

    March 26, 2013 at 2:27 pm

    I recommend to all of you interested in understanding what is happening world wide about hunger to go on Google and seek Jean Ziegler…an interview he gave with Radio Canada or to read his book “Destruction Massive”. The interview is in french but I am sure you can get the book at your library in english. He does give hope that the good people of the world will take to the streets and demonstrate that we do not accept what is happening with the multinationals who are controlling a huge part of the food chain…I felt hopeless because like all of you I try my best to help when I can people around me but feel I am not able to do much on a larger scale. Well if there is a march in the street to stop hunger in the world I will participate.

    • Kim

      March 26, 2013 at 2:37 pm

      I will certainly look up this book Carole. I guess we can continue to give to our communities 🙂

  2. Superb post- makes me think that maybe I can make a difference, thank you. Found your site via pinterest.

  3. Kim

    March 26, 2013 at 12:47 pm

    I love your thoughts on this Midge. It is so true, and what an amazing program to watch! I mean, I HATE wasting now. I am more and more conscious of buying what we need, and not more.

    I find it quite sad that there is enough for everyone, but the food doesn’t get there and is thrown out.


  4. Kim,

    It is so incredibly painful to see (as limited as our first world viewpoint may be) the suffering in this world. Though we each do what we can to show compassion and kindness to others through volunteering, contributing, donating, etc., we sometimes feel our acts of love are simply drops in a never-ending ocean of tears, pain, and suffering. I sometimes sense the overwhelm of helplessness, hopelessness too.

    I watched an interesting documentary yesterday evening about GMO foods, and one fact (I trust it was a fact) stated that there actually is enough food in the world, that food production is at an all time high. The problem is, many inhabitants of this planet, with its abundance of food, simply cannot afford to buy it. Surplus foods, shelves stocked, loaded plates half eaten, food completely wasted – it boggles my mind and breaks my heart.

    But, there are so many organizations that are making a difference, locally and globally. Together, one drop at a time, we are making big ripples. We are beginning to understand that we are ONE, and that when one of us hungers, one of us shares. Our compassion, kindness, and love will nourish our planet and her peoples.

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