Dreaming = Wellness if One Pays Attention #DreamFriday

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“Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.” 
― C.G. Jung

Dreams, you name em’ I’ve had them. Especially these past couple of weeks. I do not know if it all started around the full moon, or because of the stellum (a party of planets) hanging out in Pisces( see astrologer Jennifer Shelton’s post about this here) but man oh man I’ve been everywhere?Artist Ame’s home (and she had a cookie room!!), Janice’s kitchen and she was cooking!, my home, apartments, parties, renovation projects, men at work, men cleaning pools, gardens and painting.

I’ve run for the bus, tried to catch my breath, felt awkward, shy, empowered, and oh! I even told a guy off. I’ve said “no”, “leave me alone” “go away” and “fuck off” in a few of my dreams. I really truly believe I am working through so much while I sleep!

According to Carl Jung sometimes “dreams need to be interpreted for them to perform their function. Instead, he suggested that dreams are doing the work of integrating our conscious and unconscious lives; he called this the process of individuation. It’s easiest to think of individuation as the mind’s quest for wholeness, or that quality of applied wisdom that separates elders from grumpy old men. While not required, working with dreams and amplifying the mythic components can hasten along the process.” (source)

So really, I am doing a workout while sleeping, yet the above quote also implies:

If we take the time to look at the dream, we can get to the bottom of things.

I’m all for the “bottom of things”!

So when do I get to rest?

These days, during the day. I am taking my self-care quite seriously, and if so much is going on in my sleep, well the dishes can wait. The subconscious is a funny thing. Working out things while we sleep has been going on since the dawn of humans. There are things, that may be too hard to look at while awake OR we choose to ignore them, so these aspects of our lives need to come out. We have this amazing ability to send ourselves “emails” while we sleep.

  • “Don’t forget that nagging issue with your husband, its killing your spirit”
  • “Dear you, you do not take enough time for yourself, so here’s an image of you neglecting a baby”
  • “Hey! Do you know how angry you have been?”
  • “I feel you need to cry”
  • “Oh.. check out this house with many doors and passageways? Go go explore it!”

Have you had these types of dreams? I know I have.

Lately, my dreams have been on the theme of “men”, and this makes much sense to me. My exes, my male cousins, my brother, my dad, and even random guys I have NEVER even seen in my life are showing up. Some are quite handsome, and some I have romantic connections with, some I am hating on and some are just there for me to talk to.

Well get this: In therapy I am currently working on “past relationships” with men. In these dreams, I can really pinpoint which issues I need to deal with. After writing them down, and pulling out the symbols, I am able to put the puzzle together. Often, since I am not as objective with my dreams, I talk to my therapist  and friends about them and they help give me perspective (like when I assist you) on what is going on in my mind and spirit.

Then, I work on the issue at hand. My last post How Could You? came to me because of my dreams. The events, the people and the feelings I were experiencing led me to release the abuse and self-abuse of my past. All because of what my dreams were telling me. The message I received after talking with my therapist is “You are ready to release the anger, the hate, and the regret, and allow love into your life”.

So, as I process the dreams which, in fact, are still coming (I had one last night), I know I am walking into a world of wellness. As I am listening to the messages of my spirit, and that my friends, makes me very very happy!

“One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious.” 
― C.G. Jung

What have you been working out in your dreams? What comes to you lately?

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Have a wonderful weekend!

All my love





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  1. Dreaming and dreaming! They seem to come and go. I write them down sometimes, especially if I remember them and they’ve made me wonder. I have night terrors that come and go. It’s better when they go! thanks for this, I enjoyed it. xoxo

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