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Pot of Gold


1. the realization of all one’s hopes and dreams; ultimate success, fulfillment, or happiness

2. a sudden, huge windfall; sudden wealth


So do you have your pot of gold? Think about it.

It’s easy to associate both of these definitions with material possessions or money, right? Some people might think that having the ultimate success mean earning a lot of money or having a career that pays a high salary. Maybe others might think of it being right where you are at this moment in your life.

Today is my 39th birthday. If I saw a fortune-teller when I was nineteen and she told me that in twenty years I would be married to the guy I was dating and I would be a stay at home mom with 4 kids, I think I would have laughed and maybe asked for my money back. At 19 I was in college and I couldn’t decide on a major. I didn’t know what I wanted to be when I grew up. I knew someday I wanted to be a wife and mother but I couldn’t really think about that back then. I had to go to school for something and that something was supposed to help me find a J-O-B that paid $$$$. Or at least that’s what I believed. Looking back at 19 years old, I too thought that the J-O-B and the $$$$ meant success.

Perspective. Everything is a matter of perspective.

Last night I was giving my 5-year-old a bath and he asked me how old I was going to be today and I told him to try to guess. He said I was going to be 11 or 12. When I asked him why he thought that, he said it’s because I’m just a bit taller than his 9-year-old sister. (I’m only 5’2” and she is tall for her age) I explained to him that height doesn’t have anything to do when you get older because you stop growing. At that point my 7-year-old came in and told him I was “old… like 18… but not REALLY old like Grandma” (sorry Grandma) When I told them I was going to be 39 and I heard a gasp and then a “wooowwww!” Again, perspective.

Looking back at 19 years old, I’m not sure if I would have done anything differently. I feel as though all the decisions I’ve made so far have brought me to where I am now. It’s difficult to imagine my life any differently. Sure it would be nice to have more money and not worry about the bills but I measure my success differently these days. Parenting is hard work and there are many days that I feel more like a failure than a success. Maybe my kids don’t notice but sometimes at night, after they are sleeping, I replay the events of the day in my mind and think about what I could have done better. There are days that I feel like I can’t make everyone or even anyone for that matter happy, I measure my success based on the happiness of my children. Not the type of happiness they know at the toy store but the look in their eyes when I make them laugh or

when they look at me after scoring a goal and see smile and they know I saw them do it. It’s measured in their laughter and hugs and kisses. It’s not something that can be measured numerically.

No paychecks. Only love. They are my pot of gold.

Cathy’s winning Facebook Status of the month:  

What I actually said: “Don’t step in that big puddle.”
What my 3 yr old heard: “Go jump in that big puddle and then sit down in it. Also, make sure you get soaking wet up to your shoulders.”
See how that sounds the same?

431162_430405523669587_1051404711_nCathy Moryc Recine writes a monthly Parenting Column for Muse In The Valley. She lives in Manorville NY, with her husband and four children ages 9, 7, 5  and 3. She works as a mom, yet still finds time to enjoy the things that keep her unique.







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