May You… a poem by Kim Larocque


May you always walk beside me,

and never let go of my hand,

May you always say I love you,

and ride the waves until we land.


May you always hear my voice,

and listen attentively,

May you shower me with flowers

and fly until I’m free.


May you keep your eyes open,

and tell me when to stop,

May you keep my heart intact

when everything seems to drop.


May you cherish me forever,

and wash away my tears,

May you beat my biggest dragon,

and my ugly scary fears.


May you be my valentine,

and paint me little hearts,

May you always give me chocolate

When I feel we’re drifting apart.


May you be with me always

and keep me company,

May you be my friend forever

and love me unconditionally.


Kim Larocque 2013



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  1. May we be this and so much more for one another. This poem is sweet in its sincerity of asking for acceptance and love.

  2. just awesome, Kim!! xoxo

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