A Pot of Words – by Natasha Head


Author/Poet Natasha Head is back at Muse In a Valley with a guest post.  I am so please she accepted to be the first contributor of Author of the Week (ran every Thursday) of 2013! Her newest release Pulse is out! You can find all the details at the bottom of this post.  Also, if you wish to know a bit more about Natasha, see last year’s interview here.

A Pot of Words

Four leaf clovers, pots of gold, leprechauns dancing under rainbows and lots of green draught on tap. The luck of the Irish has always run strong in my blood…perhaps not as strong as the green draught, but that’s another essay.

These days, it seems we are all digging for that pot of gold. Would you laugh if I told you the pot I seek is actually filled with words? Not saying there wasn’t a time when I chased the gold…unfortunately the hard lesson there was hanging on to it once you found it and the stress that defending that pot of gold can bring.  If anything, it’s taught me to seek those things a little more substantial. Those things that speak to your soul. Those things that gold, no matter the amount, can buy.

It has meant the ruin of relationships, it has meant a complete uprooting of everything I held to be true, everything I have been conditioned to chase after. Tearing those walls down can hurt, and show you who’s really on your side.  Ultimately, it can mean standing alone…if you’re lucky enough to be standing at all! But the poems that are born out of trial and tribulation make for the best reading…and if my words can lend support to another who has stepped up to take on the world and the way it tells us we should be…then there’s no pot big enough to hold the reward.

I have always written. With one glaring exception…that period where keeping an even balance in my pot meant 70-80 work weeks, on call 24/7, ensuring everybody else was happy.  Is it any wonder my pen ran dry? When I returned to my battered notebook and blew the dust off…I think I went dark for a full week getting the crap that kind of lifestyle brings out of my head and to the paper. When I resurfaced, it was having made the decision to focus on my writing…even if only as route to healing.

Now…two years later, I bring my second collection to light with the help of the awesome Winter Goose Publishing team. I have a Pushcart nomination under my belt for my first release. And even though I don’t have a penny to spare….I have never been happier. No amount of gold could give me the same smile, the same sense of contentment that comes with a 3AM marathon word-bleed with just enough light to see the page and my playlist on shuffle.

If you’re tired of the gold rush…come sit under my rainbow…there’s a ton of words to be found, a ton of hope, and yes…maybe even a little keg of green draught. Come and stay awhile.

9Natasha Head is a published poet who hails from the beautiful east coast of Canada. You can find her work in Inspiration Speaks Volume 1, and her debut collection, 2012 Pushcart Prize nominated Nothing Left to Lose, both available through Winter Goose Publishing.  Her blog, tashtoo.com, is a vibrant example of her work in progress. She is also a proud OpenLinkNight host and resident tweeter for dVersePoets, and founding member of The New World Creative Union. Join her on BlogTalkRadio’s The Creative Nexus each Thursday.

Publications include Inspiration Speaks Volume 1, Nothing Left to Lose, Pulse (Winter Goose Publishing) and Signals From Static (Chromatopia LLC)

To the girl who never was . . .

and all she dreamed she’d be.

When chained to a past that offers no hope for the future, where does the responsibility lie? If given the chance to start again, wouldPulse_Flat_ForeBooks the courage be found to take it? Clarity is found in the moments between the beats. Flat-line flashbacks when the victim awakes to the truth that hope is something only she can foster.

Journey through a lifetime in verse. Face all the characters and moments that shape us and break us. Do you have the courage to stop . . . to listen to the moments between the pulse? To dance the edge of the flat-line and surface to a brand new beginning?

Out of the chaos of life, unnamed heroes are born.

In her second collection, Nova Scotia poet Natasha Head takes us on a fictional journey of a modern-day phoenix. Venture through the moments between the heartbeats, where baggage and guilt collide, strings are cut, and the hero rises to begin her life anew. (source: Winter Goose Publishing)

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  1. smiles…it is a lesson i think we all learn at some point…makes me smile to see you writing about it…and writing in general…as you know i think you are the stuff…smiles…

    best wishes on the new book tash…

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