An Unexpected Break

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What do you do when all of a sudden you find you will have all this time on your hands?  When your screams to the Universe: “Give me a break, please take the world off my shoulders!!!” come true. When you find yourself utterly alone with no laundry, dishes, or lunches to make.  When the only person you have to take care of is yourself, and you can finally have that Sushi dinner no one else likes.

What do you do?

Do you indulge in all your pleasures, or do you take care of the laundry anyhow, and start a “lets paint the house” project because being alone is terrifying.  Can you find 10 things on your mini bucket list to do in an instant if this opportunity finally came?  Well I have to admit, I fantasized about this moment of having almost a week to myself, and now that it is finally here (unexpectedly) I am not quite sure what I am going to do. I sure do not want to do all those chores on my list, because hey, I am a free spirit for a week.

Ok ok.. I will do the dishes, when there is no more room on the counter, and I may do laundry when my dog runs out of socks to steal, and I may take a shower, and throw out the stinky garbage, but that’s it. Whatever makes my life easier.. I will do the rest:


To hell with whatever does not make me happy! I am going to take this unexpected break and really indulge myself. No not in chocolate and wine (well maybe) or high fat foods, or a drunken night out.  No, I am going to indulge in the simple pleasures of just being. Whatever my heart and soul wants, I will give it. Whether it is a whole day playing Flowerz on the computer, or playing around with my Facebook page, or reading 10 books in a row (which I wont) but you get the gist.

When an opportunity knocks, one must answer the door.  So I am answering and greeting this moment with open arms.  Open to receive whatever wisdom this break will give me.

So what are my simple pleasures?


Well I thought you would never ask:

  1.  Sitting alone with Spa Music
  2. Taking pictures, tons and tons of pictures
  3. Cut outs and vision boards
  4. Writing nonsense and goodsense
  5. Food such as Sushi, a hot bowl of soup and General Tao Chicken
  6. Watching a real good tear jerker chick flic
  7. Dancing naked (ok TMI)
  8. Watering my plants and planting seeds
  9. A good book
  10. A walk by the water or over at the cemetery (yes I love to meet the departed)

So, this is my 10, maybe not my top 10, but my 10 which I can easily do this week during my “mom” hiatus.

Share with me

What are your “simple pleasures”. What would you do or NOT do if you had 6 whole days to yourself?

Leave your comments below 🙂


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  1. So happy you received this necessary time out Kim. Funny how the universe works sometimes! Enjoy and indulge yourself. You deserve it. xxx

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