Unstructured Uninhibited Unleashed – By Tracie Nichols

First picture shown:  Treewoman by Tracie Nichols

When Kim asked for posts about depression, I immediately raised my hand. I wasn’t sure if I would be writing an article, telling a story, or sharing some of my poetry, but I knew I needed to offer something more than silence. Silence was what started my acquaintance with depression. Silence allowed it to grow, flourish, and nearly drown me. So, when Kim asked, silence was just not an option.

Depression has been my constant companion for over 40 years; her voice and hold on my life-like an unruly tide. Sometimes ebbing, sometimes crashing depending on where I was in my journey and how much loving support I was willing to accept or how deeply I was wading into the dark waters of my past.

One of the most powerful ways I learned about her, and about myself, was through writing free-verse poetry. Letting words and images tumble and roar out of my hands all over journals and drawing tablets. Unstructured…uninhibited…unleashed wordscapes became my art and my salvation.

So that’s what I’m offering today…a few of those wordscapes tracing my shifting journey from despair to fierce living… And a huge, warm hug. ‘Cause that’s just who I am…


© Tracie Nichols 2005tears4


the bloody thing

and rest it

on the soft sweet grasses

let it slip from your


onto the soil of the Earth

with a gentle, squelching, thud

open your lungs

with breezes sparkling, laughing

open your lungs

your heart follows……….swells


rest…….in the beauty

rest…….in the quiet

rest…….without its weight

in the sweet grasses


embrace the bloody thing

hold it close

let it slip inside

into a new space…..

different angle

fresh meaning

makes its weight

more welcome

makes you know

why you carry it

opens your eyes

to see clearly

the gold and silver filaments of light

that weave a blazing path

an offering – a gift

from pain



© Tracie Nichols 1997

I lay in the living room

hearing what I used to

participate in

…..an outsider

spectator to my own life.




always lonely

…..hearing my family

my friends

gathered …


sharing their lives…

sharing each other….

and I’m ……


…..I wait a lot now

wait for dark

wait for dawn

wait for the phone to ring

wait for others to have the time

wait for my heart to stop hurting




tracieTracie Nichols helps secretly fierce women to free their fierce and love being at home in their own skin. She is a recovering “secretly fierce woman” and kick-butt intuitive who loves finding all sorts of creative ways to serve some of the most courageous, inspiring, worthwhile women she’s ever known (Yes, that would be YOU).

Her well-loved newsletter appears in inboxes on the new and full moon and she blogs (nearly) daily. “Stop by http://www.tracienichols.com, grab a cup of tea, settle in and enjoy! I LOVE when a lively conversation springs up under a post.” You can also find her on Twitter @tracietnichols and on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/ecoaudient and https://www.facebook.com/wildlyfiercelyflourishing


  1. Love the post, Tracie. Thank for sharing so openly and authentically. I love how you have used your creative energies to transform. Love & light, Beth.

  2. “Free the fierce!” I LOVE that line and will use it, if’n you don’t mind, the next time I teach fierce pose 🙂
    Your poems are deeply moving. I usually feel jarred by shortened lines, but each word holds so much power and connection to the net of the poem, they are just perfect here. I love how the first poem feels like the embodiment of embracing the reality of experience beyond dualism… which is an awkward sentence, a stumbling response to the elegance of your powerful poetry. Thank you.

  3. Kim thank you so much for the blessing of being present in your wonderful Muse in the Valley community. You inspire me every day! xoxo Tracie

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