Self Love and the Art of Dating Oneself by Donna Powell

“The most terrifying thing is to accept oneself completely.” ― C.G. Jung

This skin we are in, this life we live, this road we go down, they are all hard agreed? Self love is a road that ain’t for sissies. You have to be able to fully love yourself and take care of yourself to know the value and hard work that goes into taking care of and loving someone else. It’s an ever-changing set of guidelines depending on your schedule, your mood and those forces around you that you give control over to. I am by far not a guru in this area, but it’s becoming an area to me that is very important. And it’s time that I start really digging into and working on.

You see not that long ago…I realized something. It took me nearly 30 something years to get to that point where I figured out…in order to learn the value of love and taking care of others, I must learn to love and take care of myself. We are not talking narcissist type of love. Just knowing what I need, how to take care of myself and treat myself right. So I can learn how to take care of someone else right and love them to the capacity that they deserve be loved.

I’ve decided to make this a year-long journey to dig in and really get moving. And I invite you to join me. I’m making my own personal Atlas for this journey in hopes that it will help me center and figure out my path. I would invite you to do the same.

And now, I want you to brew that cuppa tea or coffee and sit down with me for a while. I have a very special topic, to talk about. Dating yourself. That’s right, dating yourself. Because after all, who is at the center of this learning to love yourself? Yep, you. This month, I want to start out by doing something simple yet so rewarding.

Sit down with a pen and piece of paper. Make a list of 5 of your favorite things. Just off the top of your head and it can be anything! To get you started, I’ll share mine:

1. Arsenic and Old Lace w/Carey Grant

2. I’m Not Really a Waitress Nail polish by OPI

3. Lady Grey Tea

4. Warm fuzzy socks

5. Beautiful Sunshine filled days

What do they all have in common? They are going to be my date for this weekend. Now, I want you to take those 5 things that you wrote down and make a date with yourself.

I plan on enjoying a bright sunshine filled day by taking a walk or going to our Boardwalk and just walking around enjoying the sun, the people watching and life. Then that night, I plan on brewing a pot of Lady Grey Tea, watching Arsenic and Old Lace, while painting my nails and toe nails in my favorite OPI shade. Then after they dry, I’m going to put on my warm fuzzy socks and sip my tea while I finish watching my movie.

Do you see what I did? I took 5 of my favorite things and made a date with myself. And you know what? Not only is it a great way to show some love to yourself, but it’s also an amazing Self Care practice.

And I can’t tell you how much better I will feel. I could, since I’ve done this before, but why spoil it? To love yourself is to take care of yourself. And you should do it often and do it well. This year it’s my mission to help you out on that as well and helping myself.

So get busy on that list! And let me know how your date was!

“The person in life that you will always be with the most is yourself. Because even when you are with others, you are still with yourself, too! When you wake up in the morning, you are with yourself, laying in bed at night you are with yourself, walking down the street in the sunlight you are with yourself.What kind of person do you want to walk down the street with? What kind of person do you want to wake up in the morning with? What kind of person do you want to see at the end of the day before you fall asleep? Because that person is yourself, and it’s your responsibility to be that person you want to be with. I know I want to spend my life with a person who knows how to let things go, who’s not full of hate, who’s able to smile and be carefree. So that’s who I have to be.” ―  C. JoyBell C.

donnaDonna’s Twitter bio describes her as: “Southern and loud! She loves her Crimson Tide, Marvel Comics, Thai food, Martinis, old movies and books, LOTS of books”.  Her journey towards empowerment & wellness began a couple of years ago when she stepped off a curb and broke her left ankle, both bones. She became aware, then and there:  her body was telling her something had to change!

Since then, Donna has listened to her true spirit.  When she’s not fabricating gorgeous quilts, spending time with good friends, or writing on her blog, Donna takes the time to make herself a hot cuppa tea and truly listen to her body and its needs.

You can follow Donna’s journey on her blog: Lipstick, Keats, and Tea ~ Because sometimes that’s all a girl needs and on Twitter.



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  1. Well said. I’ve always maintained that it’s close to impossible to be okay in a relationship with someone else until you’re happy in your own skin. That sounds highly related to what you’re getting at in this post. What do you think?

  2. Great idea, Donna! Thank you for your encouragement towards self-care. I already see the outlines of my own me-time: rose green tea, hiking, yoga, hot water (preferably natural hot springs, but a bubble bath will do!) and red wine. I think in that order 🙂

  3. Hi Donna! Thanks for the dating tips! I plan to draw up my list of 5 things and do this for myself this weekend!

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