Melanie Wadham – Author of the Year 2012

It’s with great pleasure I announce Muse In The Valley’s first Author of The Year: Melanie Wadham, Author of Velvet Lies Muted Cries.

I want to thank everyone who shared their work, poetry, and intimate parts of their lives during our interviews. To the voters and fans: encouraging our author’s is one of the best things we can do for the world: The more they write, the more books we have to read, the more lives are inspired, and stories are shared.

Here are the results:

muse poll results

With over 800 votes in total, Melanie Wadham took the title with a little over 300 votes.  

muse author of the year 2012

A bit of background on Melanie

“Life without a mother left Melanie with no home, no family, and no protection. The role of being an adult came early. Violence continued in her foster home and she was abused sexually. Melanie emerged from her childhood with a crippling sense of powerlessness. She felt lost and broken.

After years of bad choices and hiding the horrors of her past, Melanie ultimately found freedom in telling her truth. Velvet Lies – Muted Cries is a compelling true story of courage, survival and finding one’s voice. Follow one woman’s transcendence from a broken, forgotten little girl to a woman with the power (and determination) to heal herself and others.”  source:

In our recent interview (2012) Melanie talks about what she learned while writing her book:

I learnt that I have a right to write and that initially I didn’t have to write perfectly but just get the words on paper, I found that I was continuously editing, judging and berating myself. I had to learn to allow what was in me to just pour out of me in a unperfected way and edit at the end.

I am so happy she took that right and shared HER story with the world!

Congratulations Melanie once again!

For those who do not know, Melanie wins her own page here on MITV where I will update with her recent blog posts, book releases, interviews and more.  Free promotion at its best!

Here’s to another great year in book reviews, interviews and much much more.  Next week, Thursday’s Author of The Week resumes for the year 2013!

Velvet Lies Muted Cries Kindle Edition






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  1. Congrats to everyone!!! Thanks for the opportunity to be a part of this, Kim. xox

  2. So proud of you Melanie!!!!!

  3. Congratulations Melanie! And thanks again to you Kim for the Nomination! It was GREAT FUN!! Continued Success to all of us!

  4. Congratulations, Melanie!
    And thanks for running this competition. Kim <3

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