According to Wikipedia, “The first Canadian cent was struck in 1858… they were originally issued to bring an order to the Canadian monetary system, which, until 1858, relied on British coinage, bank and commercial tokens (Francophones calling them sous, a slang term that survives), U.S. currency and Spanish milled dollars.” The last batch of shiny pennies came out in May 2012,[1] and the Royal Canadian Mint ceased distributing them as of February 4, 2013 (which is today) However, like all discontinued currency in the Canadian monetary system, the coin remains legal tender. Once distribution of the coin ceased, though, vendors no longer were expected to return pennies as change for cash purchases, and were encouraged to round purchases to the nearest nickel.[3] Non-cash transactions are still denominated to the penny.”  ( See Wiki here )

Many are happy the penny will be history today, yet I am left with a feeling of nostalgia. I mean, what will happen now when we find a penny on the ground, will they still be “lucky”? Just in case, I shouted out on Facebook today, that I declared the dime to be the next “lucky” coin, as I love to find these, and I find them often.

pennycandyBut, lets not make the penny feel bad, I mean it came in handy many times, and for this I want to offer this letter to the penny:

Dearest pennies,

I am so sad to see you go today, I thought, if I may, write this letter to express my gratitude for all the smiles you put on my face growing up and even as an adult.

You came into my life as a child, shiny new, and full of magic. You made me feel rich and abundant … knowing I had a pile in my piggy bank was worth… yep.. every penny! (pun intended). I want to thank you FOR:

1. Buying me candy when I was little. I love to be able to fill up a tiny bag with just 2 or 3 of you. penny candy was the best;

2. Bringing me hope every time I found one on the ground. There were days when I thought life was hopeless, and then there you were, lying in the snow, covered in dirt. I picked you up, brushed you off, and I walked away thinking “Find a penny pick it up…” I felt lucky!;

3. For giving me the chance to make a wish! Oh how I loved to ask my mom for a penny to drop in the mall fountain! What a magical experience.;

4. For being able to fit in a little tube. There were days when we really needed something and you came to the rescue. I loved pulling out my penny jar, and rolling you up all neat and tidy, and taking you to the store to buy toilet paper. You saved my life and our butts (no pun intended);

5. For making my kids smile when they were little. I mean, I would give them a bunch of pennies, and wow they thought they were rich..and you know what.. they were!;

6. For helping me teach math. This is how I taught my kids to count. 5 pennies make a nickel, 10 pennies make a dime…. I taught my kids to count to 100 with a dollar’s worth of pennies;

7. For letting me donate to charities. Jars and jars went to the scouts, UNICEF, Cancer Society.. I mean, pennies do add up;

8. For making perfect bingo chips, and making me feel like I won the jackpot;

9. For giving me something to say: “Penny for your thoughts?” “A penny saved is a penny earned” and my fave “Oh this cost a pretty penny”

10. Last but not least, for giving the world a piece of Canada. Those Maple Leaves shine so bright on your tail, and continue to shine in our hearts.

Thank you penny, for giving me, a penny for my thoughts.

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