Crash and Burn or Fly and Learn ?


I have not been doing many dream sessions lately, however, I do have a regular client who comes to me at least once a month.  I am re-defining my goals as an interpreter, as really, I do not want to “tell” you what is going on with your dreams, I want to assist and guide you through your own interpretation.  Dreams are very personal, I have stressed this many times.  No dream book will tell you what your dream means, no good dream interpreter will “define” your dream for you, yet, as you can see, I too use tools: 1. I ask many questions, or ask you to ask yourself these questions, 2. has a very comprehensive dream data base which I use for “guide” purposes only, and also my own experiences with dreams.

Today, my client crashes, and feels herself going down with the plane.  Take a look at her dream, and my email session with her.

I’m dreaming I’m in a big plane, but people are seated very casually, almost like a huge living room. I’m sitting on the side facing the other side (not sure if that makes sense – like on a couch along a wall). I’m close to the front and can see the pilot. I think my sister was with me, but I’m not sure. I don’t think my husband or daughter were there. We are coming in for a landing, and the pilot tells us that it will be a tough landing (I don’t know why – the weather was fine, no mechanical trouble, etc.) It was like he was coming in too fast and said we were going to go past the runway. As we’re landing, it feels way too fast. There is a wall or barricade at the end and we hit it at full speed. The pilot dies instantly, as well as several passengers. I am not hurt, and a lot of people who are also fine. I get the feeling that this is a BIG deal, that we’re all over the news. For some reason, we are not allowed to leave the plane for several days. We are able to find some food and water and keep each other company. Suddenly, I realize that one of my coworkers is dead and I see them carrying her body away. I think police are taking away the dead, but the survivors have to stay in the plane. I don’t know why. Everyone is terribly sad and worried about the families – how do they know we’re ok?

I don’t remember the end of the dream, but it feels unresolved. I woke up depressed and anxious, and I can’t shake it. It was just so awful. Even though it wasn’t bloody/gory, it felt like such a huge tragedy.


P.S. I hate flying – I need to take anti-anxiety meds when I fly. Also, as you know, writing is becoming more and more important to me.

Dream Reading

According to dreammoods taking a trip on a plane may mean you feel in complete control of your life and it’s destination, however, I see here you feel like you are also in a living room setting, which to me means a calm atmosphere, a place where you can relax. What in your life do you feel this way? Confident, relaxed, happy.

Where the pilot comes in, feels to me, that you give up “part” of your control to someone or something “outside yourself”, could be God, the Universe, or a person in your life who either supports you or doesn’t support you. The pilot can also represent an aspect of you, that is in control in the moment “the person driving your life” … Is it faith or fear? Only you can answer this question.

Whatever this represents (your writing, your job, or a new project) this is for you and you only. The fact your husband and child are not present, mean this is a healthy “selfish” thing. Your sister, is a part of you, so ask yourself “what is my sister to me? What does she represent?”

What I find amazing here is that your fear of flying doesn’t seem to come into the dream until later. It seems you start your journey quite content and relaxed, however, something (the pilot) tells you its going be a “rough landing”. Hang onto your HATS!! Even though nothing is in the way to create a rough landing, it’s coming!

This is where I think your fear comes in. Are you afraid that after all you are doing, that the landing later on, will be a really rough one? I have a fear of flying, and I know if I would try to face that fear I would be in total panic, the “trouble” landing would just reinforce that fear and I would NEVER go on a plane again. Do you relate to this? Is there an underlying fear in you saying “I am kidding myself, I am just going to crash and burn?”

Going fast: What is going way too fast in your life? What walls are in front of you where you feel you may hit it? I see obstacles, huge walls that need to be put down in order for you to move forward in your projects so you can feel safe doing them.

People around you are hurt, but you are not. Here is the dreammoods definition of a plane crash to see if it resonates with you: “Airplane Crash: To dream that a plane crashes signifies that you have set overly high and unrealistic goals for yourself. You are in danger of having those goals come crashing down. Alternatively, the crashing airplane represents your lack of confidence, self-defeating attitude and self-doubt. You do not believe in your own ability to achieve those goals. Loss of power and uncertainty in achieving your goals are also signified.” If this were my dream, I would resonate with the latter. I do not think your goals are set to high? Do you? I feel more that maybe there are times you feel you cannot write and have your “day job” at the same time.

You say: “My day job keeps me very busy, and I don’t see a “way out” so that I can write more often and follow my dreams. I honestly don’t feel depressed about this – I know very few writers can survive just on writing alone. I just write as much as I can.”  So where does all this fit in?. You are fine with the fact that you have a day job, and a writing job. However, is there a small part of you that wish you could do your dream full-time? You only can answer this question.

Going back to the people who are hurt but not you: Who is that in your day-to-day life? If you continue to write at night, and work all day, who is left out? Think about that. Is there any guilt? Do you feel you are leaving someone out? Family maybe? (although I know you are an amazing parent, when mom’s do what they love, sometimes guilt kicks in) All this being on the news…. do you feel that some judgement by others, or are you afraid if all this gets out people will judge you?

Staying at the place where you crashed, being forced to stay there, to survive, to question why? To see your co-worker come out dead! This is hard to watch. Your co-worker most definitely represents your “work”. But why her? Ask yourself: what does she represent in me. Do you fear your “job” will suffer? You say you are ok with all this, however, your dream seems to be pulling something out from deep inside you.

And ITS A BIG DEAL!! you sense something is a big deal, and in the dream you are “forced” to stay there… to stay in the aftermath of a crash. To stay in something you feared would happen..and it did. (fear of flying).


“There is a lot of fear tied to it. Fear of failure, fear of success (how would my life change?), fear that it will take me away from my family, etc. The landing – yes – maybe that means that once I finish my novel, no one will want it. It will suck, etc. And what you said – a fear of crashing and burning. That another writer will read what I wrote and think it’s terrible – that I’m kidding myself that I have talent.

Correct – the fear is that I cannot write and keep my day job – that one has to lose, and that is the writing since I’m not (yet) making money at it. I’m afraid that I will just not write at all, that the ideas banging around in my head will stay locked up forever. And that thought crushes my soul. I have learned that my power and my passion and my life and energy are tied to my writing, my creativity – that if I don’t dedicate time to it, I will die inside.

A BIG part of me wants to write full-time, I’m just afraid that it will always just be a dream.

“How do I know I will be ok?” Wow, great question. I don’t know! I”m used to living with fear and anxiety and self-doubt. I don’t know the answer to that. I think journalling is an excellent idea. 🙂

Thanks, Kim. You’re amazing.”


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