I’m Back !

Just when I thought taking a break from writing would make writing easier, au contraire, it made doing everything else but writing easier, such as sitting in front of the computer with a blank stare. For some reason, over the past few months, my muse was hidden under a pile of worry and stress. I couldn’t set it free until now, and I cannot say I am feeling any less anxious about it, even though the worry and stress is gone.

 What will they think?

 Did she disappear?

 Why isn’t she posting?

Yet, did I say worry and stress is gone? I must say most of it has. The positive thing is, over the Holidays, I spent much of my time with my children. We enjoyed each other’s company more over the past 3 weeks than maybe the past 3 years. A friend of mine came up on Facebook chat, and even asked me if I was down and out because she hadn’t seen me much on social media. The thing is with me, I connect more when I feel I need connection. At home, there were so many conversations going on that I naturally took a little break.

I really love to connect with all of you, and plan on continuing to do so. With the amazing manifestation of Christmas in our home (when we thought we may not be able to celebrate the way we are used to) we, the kids and I, are still truly grateful for the blessings we have received. AND with the addition of our new family member, Gibson-Bliss, a handsome Yorkie-Shih tzu mixed puppy, the celebration extended well into January.

I want to thank everyone who have contributed to this family having an amazing Christmas and while I continue to rescue my muse from the depths of my being.. there will be more writing, more pictures, more book reviews and more authors to interview in 2013!!

Love you all




  1. I’m so glad you got the rest you needed. Welcome back and Happy New Year. 🙂

  2. I dunno’ Kim…sounds to me like you took a well deserved vacation!

  3. Wonderful to have you back, Kim!
    I wish you & yours a very happy, healthy & fun New Year and I look forward to reading your posts once again.

    Hemmie x

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