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Dear Child,

I know you are unhappy at your current job, I’ve been told about the harassment, the belittling comments, instability of the company,how your boss ignores your request for more responsibility, and some of your co-workers treat you like poop on their shoe.You and I both know you deserve MUCH BETTER and you are wasting your talents in the position your currently in. My elves have been checking in on you to see how the job search is going; they reported you have been on several interviews this year. One of them had  potential of being your new job, but it just wasn’t the right time for the company to hire a new person. They loved you…don’t take it personally!!

Thank you for creating the vision board for what you’d like your  new job to look and feel like, it will help my elves and I locate the perfect place for you to spread your wings and soar, and feel celebrated, not just tolerated.  You want to work towards becoming a project manager for a company that is in the creative field and comes up with new ideas for products to be introduced into the market. You enjoy writing for your friend’s blogd and would like to expand your wings in developing your audience and creative writing skills. You’ve also expressed interest in learning massage therapy, holistic wellness,  astrology, and art therapy/life coaching. All these things you are capable of doing and excelling at…so don’t fuse over whether you Can do it…listen to whether you Desire to do it. Remember you have the freedom to change you mind when ever you want…everyone wish list changes each year, it’s apart of human evolution.

I will help you find a new job that will financially support your needs and desires. A job that will support your need for growth and challenge you in only positive ways. A job with a boss who is truly dependable, willing to work with you to become a project manager, and support you in a positive way that brings you confidence in your strengths and helps you polish the under developed gifts you have in your tool box. A job that you can have the flexibility to go to the restroom when you want, have flexible work hours, take a lunch, have the ability to work from home, have benefits the day of hire, park for free, have a salary that is going to steadily grow, work with a great team, be included in all staff meetings and company events, and have a comfortable safe working environment.

Dear One please keep sending love to this situation and everything you wish for, and better will come your way in a blink of an eye. In the meantime my elves will keep checking your wish list and vision board…they’ll check it more than twice. You will have that new job that will take you where you need to be very soon…


Lots of Love,

Santa Claus

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