We can make our minds so like still water that beings gather about us, that they may see their own images, and so live for a moment with a clearer, perhaps even a fiercer life, life because of our quiet.” ~William Butler Yeats

Many of us wake up in the morning after hitting the snooze button 3 times, waking up frazzled, hurried and in shock from even thinking about the day ahead. Maybe your children kept you up all night, or the morning routine is so hectic your mind is unaware that you dreamed the night before. Finally, when quiet settles in,  something triggers your memory and up comes the dream.

You say: “Oh ya, I dreamed of so and so last night!”. The day passes and the dream disappears. By the time you are home, and ready to journal about your nightly encounter, nightmare or experience, the images are not longer there and the dream vanishes forever. Or does it?

In his book: Dreaming The Soul Back Home by Robert Moss states: our dreams stay with us throughout lifetimes, and really, they do not disappear.  I, with Mr. Moss, believe each dream has a message, or a journey to fulfill, and if the forgotten dream is not acknowledged, it will return.

I have no time to pay attention to crazy dreams!

My intuition says otherwise. I believe the more you ignore your dreams, the stronger they will come, and the events or feelings may begin playing out in your waking world. Not everyone remembers their dreams in such details as some of my client’s (see The Magic Of Butterflies for a detailed example), not even I dream in that much detail, however the snippets we do remember are so important. One symbol or dream travel can tell a story on imaginable proportions.

 “Action is better than inaction” – Krishna to Arjuna

“In dreams, we meet may aspects of our selves, some quite remote from what Yeats called the daily trivial mind. We meet the wonder child, the dark or bright Shadow, the lost boys and girls, the beast in the basement, and –when we are fortunate and awake enough to recognize and remember – the Greater Self. In dreams, we meet selves who seem to be living lives quite different from ours, as if they have taken off along roads not revealed by our ruling personality in the world of our physical experience” – Robert Moss

Dreams give you pathways, clues to follow while you sleep.

We often ignore some of the signs in waking life, so our dreams are an opportunity to really delve into what messages we need to hear, to see the various choices we may want to make, or diagnose and heal our wounded souls. I am guilty myself of ignoring my dreams at times, to later find out my ignored dream is playing out in my life: anxiety mounts, frustration reigns, and at times, my children suffer from my ignorance when I let my emotions get the best of me. This is when I know I can no longer ignore the intuitions, messages and dreams. I suspect you cannot either, time to become aware!

We often hear “we are mirror each other” meaning what we like, dislike, get angry at or criticize in the other, is in truth, what we see in ourselves. The people we choose to surround us, are a reflection of ourselves, our images of the world is what we project, what we imagine, and the stories we tell ourselves every day. Basically Mike Dooley has it right when he says: “Our Thoughts Become Things. Choose the good ones!”

Remember:  Our dreams often reflect desires of our waking lives, they come from our subconscious.

My own dreams have been few and fragmented. Waking up I know I have dreamed, yet the images are not clear. I ask my guides and spirit to enlighten me, yet all I feel lately when I go to bed at night and wake up in the morning is anxiety. I know I am avoiding something when this happens and it is grand time I release. I release negative projections I cursed upon to the world,  I release what other’s have projected on me, in anticipation of a dream tomorrow night, or in the nights to follow. I no longer wish to ignore my own dreams, I want to face them head on. I want a positive reflection.

What do I do now?

  • I ask spirit for release
  • I “smudge” my home (with a sage stick)
  • I pay attention to the symbols or animal spirits of the day (maybe a robin will show up)
  • I ask to be guided.
  • I look, listen and experience
  • I write what I am feeling
  • I write down my daydreams
  • I write down my night dreams in a Dream Journal
  • I pray

Once you are clear on the messages or once you have had a dream, write it down as soon as you remember. DO NOT wait as the dream will fade as the day progresses. Look at each symbol and ask yourself “what does that mean to me?” or “have I been in this place before?” “who was in the dream with me?” “Do I recognize them?”.  After each question you have diligently written in your handy Dream Journal,  be so honest with yourself. The truth is what matters even when it hurts. Remember how you felt when you woke up from the dream. Where you tired? Sad? Where you screaming out loud or crying?

My son recently asked me if I ever woke up laughing. I have many times. I’ve woken up crying, screaming and even having an orgasm (yes those dreams happen!). All these dreams go deeper than just passing them off as “the bad chili you had late last night”. Like a “nuging” and tenacious 2 yr old saying “mom mom mom mom” or “dad dad dad” repeatedly to get your attention, dreams do just that. They go on and on to get your attention, and if you do not pay attention you will feel it in your waking life.

Just like I am this morning. Anxiety, sadness, the need for quiet reflection, is a symptom of me “not paying attention” to what my subconscious is telling me.

Here is an excerpt of the last stanza of a poem written by Robert Moss in Dreaming The Soul Back Home:

“Returning, you will remember your mission: To serve the soul’s remembering; to go among people as dream ambassador opening ways for soul to be heard and honored. Let the world be your playground, not your prison. Starchild, plunge with delight into the warm, loamy earth, renew the marriage of Earth and Sky, follow your heart-light, dance your dreams, commit poetry every day, in every way. Now you are home… “ (p.263)

The last several months, for me, have been all about coming back home, remembering who I am, and living this truth daily.  For me it starts by returning to source, drinking from “that” fountain, and often I find the river of dreams.


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