What I Truly Love About my Birthday!

I was all set this morning with a #DreamFriday post. I actually have a great one to share, however, I will save it for next Friday. I woke up this morning a bit anxious, wondering why such a day like my birthday would leave me uneasy. I mean, I LOVE my birthday. I love any day that celebrates something special. Halloween, Christmas, Easter and the like. YET why is it that this past year, nothing seems to stir up the “excitement” like it did when I was younger.

I miss that.

So today, I decided to write what my inner child loves most about birthdays, and try to incorporate some of these today and throughout the weekend. Because, in truth, I love my birthday and I love the attention I get when it is my birthday. For some, the attention is too much, however, for the Scorpio in me, it feeds my soul (ok and maybe my ego just a little bit).

  • Balloons, lots and lots of colorful balloons.
  • Birthday Cards in the mail.
  • Birthday Cards in person.
  • Presents! Lots and lots of beautiful packaged presents. Not gift bags, boxes wrapped in pretty paper that I gently unwrap and anticipate what is inside.
  • The the YAY’s and Thank you’s I give after opening the present.
  • The face of the person witnessing me being happy.
  • Candy, preferably chocolate, SweetTarts, and Fruit Chews.
  • A birthday party, full of decorations and all of my favorite friends, and family.
  • Everyone singing me Happy Birthday, out of tune, out of sync, yet wonderfully executed.
  • Cake, not just one, but 2 or 3 cakes, like I received on my Sweet Sixteen
  • Dancing, energetic, fanciful, dynamic dancing!
  • Laughter.
  • Games like pin the tail on the donkey.. with a surprise bag for the winner.
  • Surprise bags.
  • A cute birthday dress like the ones my mom used to dress me up in. Although I would not wear a yellow, frilly dress today, I will find what I love best in my wardrobe.
  • Playing with the presents I just opened.
  • Finding money in my cake!
  • Finding money in my cards!!
  • Finding money in a box!
  • Finding money in my house, my cupboard, my socks!
  • Finding money here or there, finding money everywhere!
  • Hide and seek and treasure hunts.
  • Eating all my favorite foods, like french fries, burgers, and hot chicken sandwiches.
  • Having family to share my favorite foods with.
  • All the extra huge dose of LOVE and feeling like MISS POPULAR!
  • The tuckered out, happy warm feeling, I get when the day is over and I go to bed thinking how special the day was and anticipating my next birthday.

This is what my child loves about birthdays, so this is what I LOVE about my birthday.

Thank you for all the love I received today over on my personal Facebook page and Twitter.  I love you all for the enormous support you have given me over the years.  I hope we continue to follow each other for a very long time.

What do you love about birthdays? Or do you just want to sleep through it? 🙂

Now off to get me some balloons!

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  1. Hey Kim, Sorry I missed saying Happy Birthday to you! I hope it has been a great one. You know my husband and daughter don’t celebrate holidays with gifts, rather we celebrate B-days – 7 days of birthday! That way each year we have a whole week in which we celebrate and honor being in each other’s lives. It’s actually great fun! So Happy Belated B-day! But enjoy the whole week! Blessings, Meredith

  2. Kim

    November 4, 2012 at 8:05 am

    I have to say. I enjoyed at least half or more of what is on my list. What I have learned this birthday, is if I wait for on others to make my wishes come true, I can wait a long time. However, if I ask for what I want and need on my birthday.. If I am open to receive, things happen!

    So.. my kids and my BFF, and all of you have made this BDAY so special.

    Thank you for your wishes! Yay for being 47!! 🙂

  3. HAPPPPPPPY birthday 🙂

  4. Oh, happy, happy, happy celebration to you!

  5. We always have dinner out with the family and whoever wants to come. I’ve long wanted to do a fun type of party, but I never do. I might have to change that this year.

  6. People who want to spend time with me, especially if they want to treat me lunch or coffee. The food and drink element along with the time. Wonder what love language that makes me?

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