The Groovy Granny by Heather Grace Stewart – Review

Illustrated by Kayla Mae Stewart

I am so happy to host Heather Grace Stewart another time here in the valley of muse!  Her return is such a delight.  Below is a review of her latest collection of children’s poems written by Heather and illustrated by a very special little girl.

Lets Groove!

Inspired by her mother’s words, and quite curious why there were no pictures with the poems her mom was reading to her one night, Kayla Mae Stewart exclaimed from the comfort of her bed “”I’ll illustrate your book! I’ll do it!”. Thus was born The Groovy Granny.

The Groovy granny was previously published in an early ebook called Bubble Mud and Other Poems. Heather Grace Stewart, author of acclaimed Where The Butterflies Go and Carry on Dancing, decided to add more poetry to the collection written before her beloved daughter was born. Her daughter Kayla was the muse which brought on the re-birth of this magical and whimsical collection of poems written especially for children. Kayla’s dedication to drawing to pictures for the book was a thrilling experience for Heather. She often came home right after school and would ask her mother: “What poem am I going to illustrate today?”

Such a joy to read!

Upon reading The Groovy Granny, I was immediately taken back to my childhood days, when my mom used to read Dr. Seuss to me every night. The Groovy Granny is a collection of magical, imaginative and creative childlike fun. Titles such as Gadget Snow Pants, Oops I Broke It, and Dancing Dust Bunnies, takes you back to those daydreaming day,s sitting in class, wishing you were flying on a purple horse instead of listening to the teacher’s monologue about how 1+1 = 2!

Last night I took a minute to read my favorite Poem, The Groovy Granny, to my mom and teens.  They immediately were reminded of the days my mom used to let them run in puddles, paint their faces with flour while baking, and get their hands full of blue, yellow and red paint (all this behind my back!). Groovy Granny is playful at heart, and really she never tires out! It is an authentic dedication to grandparents whom, in my opinion have, at times, more energy and patience for our children than we do.

I caught myself singing the poems in my head, for example Dancing with Dust Bunnies, had such a good rhythm to it that I could imagine mothers, fathers and child educators everywhere using this for a “clean up song” or rhyme. There is so much one can do with this book. Yet, most important it is the memories you can create with your child (chidlren) while reading.

The pictures, bursting with color, are inspiring.  Kayla’s creativity purely illustrates her mother’s words, she can draw the best Groovy Granny, and if you look at her depiction of the Yoga Cat, you are going to want to do the pose yourself!

This book is for everyone ages 1 to 101! Teachers, educators, parents and grandparents alike, will love the way Heather and her Daughter bring to life the experiences of a child’s imagination.

It is totally worth the time to visit the amazing preview here of The Groovy Granny. You have a very clear view of some of the Poems and Kayla’s brilliant art work.

Check it out on Kindle here and iBooks here (You’ll have to switch to your own country’s store in iTunes but the book is available in many countries on iBooks)

Kobo here

If you don’t have an eReader, that’s okay, most of these have a FREE app that lets you read right on your computer desktop or laptop!


Heather Grace Stewart is the author of three poetry collections, ‘Carry On Dancing’ (Winter Goose Publishing, March 2012) ‘Leap,’ and ‘Where the Butterflies Go,’ ‘The Groovy Granny’ (poems for kids 4-104) and two non-fiction books for youth. A member of the Professional Writers Association of Canada and the League of Canadian Poets, she lives with her family in Montreal, Canada

Kayla Mae Stewart began drawing in her high chair before she was even a year old. Here first true work of art was coloring herself blue in crayon and announcing “I’m Blue!” It was Kayla’s idea to draw the pictures in the book. She drew them after school between January and April 2011 (age five). She loves mermaids, fairies, her tabby cats, and isn’t afraid of bugs. This is her first book.


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  1. Dancing with Dust Bunnies would go down well in my home 🙂 Kayla Mae is very talented, like her mother!

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