Random Act of Kindnesses Rock!

“If you were arrested for kindness, would there be enough evidence to convict you?”

~ Author Unknown

Have you ever been a victim of a Random Act Of Kindness? I know I have. Many many times, and every time I must admit, it feels the same. Totally and brilliantly awesome! Whether I received a surprise card in the mail, or a dime given to me by a stranger when I was frantically looking in my purse to buy that quart of milk, or a full-blown washing machine (donated by my community), when one receives something out of the blue, it is the best feeling. It is an acknowledgment (by the Universe) on my part anyhow, that there are angels everywhere.

Having a sense of belonging and community is so important to me, when I receive from my community, like the washing machine last week, I think of the person who took the time to donate that washer instead of selling it or even throwing it away.  I am so grateful to be able to wash closes now, that I wash and put laundry away every single day!  Acts of kindness are just that, they help others be happy with the smallest gestures.  You know that feeling when you get a surprise package in the mail?  Remember how it feels when someone surprises you with flowers or a special gift “out of the blue”?  Tap into that feeling as you read this.. I bet you are now smiling (like I am right now writing this sentence) from ear to ear.  This is what kindness does.. it makes us smile.

Angels are all around us.  Speaking of Angels, I love playing one. I love sneaking around and leaving things behind for someone to find. One of the things I do once a week, is leave a dime on the ground. For me, a dime appears every time I feel a lack of abundance (true story). It could be at the bottom of my purse, on the sidewalk, or in an old jacket. So now I keep a dime on my fridge to remind me that I am never broke! Don’t you love the feeling of finding money? Even if it is a shiny little dime!

Did you know that kindness raises the level of serotonin in our brains? I heard this once spoken by one of my favorites, Mr. Wayne Dwyer. He was saying on his PBS special, that the recipient of an act of kindness, the giver and the witness (es) may all experience, according to studies, a serotonin rush!! How powerful is that?

I was reading an online newsletter, Gift of Kindness, Gift of serotonin, they state:

Serotonin is a chemical in the brain that is related to feeling good. Depression, anxiety, and headaches are often linked to low levels of serotonin. Research shows that being on the receiving end of an act of kindness actually increases your serotonin levels substantially thus giving you a natural boost of the “feel goods.” The great news about giving the gift of kindness to someone is that it’s not only the receiver who benefits but also the person who delivers the act of kindness,most equally. And it doesn’t stop there. Anyone who witnesses the act or later hears about it also benefits from elevated levels of serotonin.

I’ve been hooked for a while on secretly giving gifts.  I like to pick up at the last-minute, run away, and randomly pop up somewhere I am inspired to go with baked goods or flowers. Do you ever do that? I feel so great after.. like I can fly (but I wont cause I can break something ha!) The energy surge I get after a random act of kindness beats my depression meds 10 fold!

So this week, as I stated on my Facebook page, I plan to execute 1, 2 or even 3 random acts of kindness in my day. Selfish as it is, because I benefit from it too, I like to see smiles on other people’s faces, or hear: “OMG you made my day!” Why not spread the joy? Why not.

Dont feel pressured, feel inspired!

I want to remind you of the most important person you can be kind to:  YOU!  This is one I forget often. So during the week, as you are thinking about things you can do for others to make them smile, think of a few things you can randomly do for yourself too!  It is so important to do the things we love.. Too busy?  Give yourself the gift of a 15 minute break. This will do wonders I am sure.  Can’t find the inspiration to go out this week, then take your favorite book to bed early.  Really take the time to love yourself like a mother would.

I think at times we forget to take a few minutes to write that letter, send that card, or even drop $20.00 on the ground for someone to find. There are so many who can benefit from kindness, even the richest person in the world deserves a smile.

So what are the things we can do?

The list is amazing. To help you out a little I am going to share a few things I have planned this week:

  • Give a smile to everyone I pass.
  • Bring cookies to friends
  • Open doors for everyone who comes behind me
  • Send a letter to a friend
  • Give flowers to a friend, a stranger or someone in the community (cashier etc)
  • But a coffee for the person behind you *this is one of my faves*
  • Let somebody go ahead at the grocery store
  • Do someone a favor
  • Give out hugs to those who want one
  • Oh and please remember your local food banks, they are getting ready for the Holiday rush, but are in dire need of food.

Last but not least, In honor of Muse In The Valley’s Random Act of Kindness Week:  I am giving away the book The Happiness Prescription by Deepak Chopra. All you have to do to get a chance to win is to share here or on my Facebook page an act of kindness you did this week.  I love new ideas, and every time someone shares a performed act of kindness everyone benefits again with the increase of serotonin!! WE ALL WIN!!

Check this list for more ideas:  35 Little Acts of Kindness

More from the Gift of Kindness newsletter:

If an act of kindness were compared to the flu then one small act of kindness committed by each of us on a daily basis could sweep the world with an infectious epidemic of people feeling good across the globe. It’s a win win situation for all. By sharing kindness with others, you not only make them happier, you make yourself and others around happier as well. The increased serotonin production will lower your stress levels and increase the sense of peace and joy in your life, research proves it. Isn’t that a much better gift to give this year?

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  1. Kim

    September 25, 2012 at 2:41 pm

    I love this! Remember those pages you printed out for me from Kind Over Matter? I put those all around town, and people actually took them!

  2. Hee-Hee. I remember as a kid saying, “Find a penny. Pick it up. All day through you’ll have good luck.” When I find a dime, I change that to “ten times the luck.” LOL.

    Excellent post. Great reminder. I’ve got “kindness bombs” on my list of things to make. I got the idea from Amanda of Kind Over Matter http://www.kindovermatter.com. She encourages others to do the same and share their experiences.

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