“In one drop of water are found all the secrets of all the oceans; in one aspect of You are found all the aspects of existence.”― Kahlil Gibran

Water dreams and depression often go hand in hand.  Water can show up in many ways, oceans, lakes, ponds, rain etc.. The one thing to remember when you dream about water (depressed or not)  is the condition of it.  Is your ocean raging, is the lake calm and crisp, or is the water murky and thick?  Often the condition of the water represents your emotions, how you are truly feeling.  In fact,  psych-central describes falling in water as:

Water in dreams is a consistent symbol for emotions. Instead of thinking literally about this recurring symbol, may I suggest that you begin to think metaphorically? Being suspended in deep water suggests a state of being emotionally “in limbo.” Falling into oceans and other large bodies of water, similarly, is a metaphor for being in an emotional “free-fall.”

This week my dreamer Gayle D. dreams of water however, it is not an ocean, a lake or a pond, she dreams of the water literally hitting her in the face.  I felt a surge of emotions rising up in myself as I read the dream for the first time.  Although you will see, Gayle dreams not only of H20, but the attachment she has to family and her loyal companion Lily (her dog).

a little back ground…

I am disabled 53 years old divorced after 25 years, suffer from bi-polar severe depression, I am pretty much a loner have only 3 friends one of those is my sister my mom left with not a word when I was 14 my dad told me about 10 years ago that he never loved me. I was abused by a neighbor at age 8. My daughter won’t have anything to do with me since the divorce. She is 32 I also have 2 grandsons that she don’t let me see but at B-day parties.

The Dream

I was in my kitchen washing dishes & my dog (Lilly) was underfoot as always but as I was washing dishes, the sink sprayer broke & water was going everywhere & the sprayer was flopping around like a snake. when the water hit my face I could taste that it was salty like the ocean. I then looked around to see where Lilly was & there were like 4-5 huge bags of trash next to my trash can. Lilly was like half way inside one of the bags eating the trash as if she were starving. She was covered in trash. (which she has never gotten in the trash in real life) I yelled at her “Look what a mess you have made” & I woke up & actually had tears running down my face.

The Interpretation

Kitchen: Often the kitchen represents a sense of family. A place to gather together, in the old times all families gathered in the kitchen to talk, to share meals. I feel in this dream the kitchen may represent your place in your family. You are with your dog, your best friend. A loyal companion.

I feel washing the dishes, since it is a chore you absolutely hate, is abt taking the time to wash out old emotions. Dishes need to be taken care of carefully, so are your emotions. Sometimes, when I have to dig out stuff from my past that is terrible and scary, I too resist… The act of washing dishes seems to represent the “daily” facing of these emotions. Washing off the “pain”.

Sink sprayer: Being splashed with water may represent an “awakening” . Meaning time to tend to what your emotions and feelings are telling you. Again, time to “wash them away”. The fact that you are being “sprayed” in the face leads me to believe this is like a wake up call..

Since the hose reminds you of a snake.. this leads me to believe that there is a fear of having these emotions of the past surface. Yet it is alerting you to do so. (in the presence of your therapist though!)

You say the water is salty like the oceans. This may represent the tears you need to release. Also the Ocean represents the all ever flowing emotions within you.. your emotional life.

Which leads me to your dog. Your dog is the most loyal friend you have. You trust your dog, you can talk to your dog, your dog is unconditional love! I feel you can tell your dog anything. Just like you could tell your therapist anything. This dream seems to relate to this relationship. Stick with the ones you can trust for now. Completely!

Those bags of trash!! Time to throw them OUT! (see Time To Take Out The Garbage)  I feel the “trash bags” represent all your baggage. Lily, eating the “baggage” is the part of you who feels you are “starving” for love. Yet it is time to rid yourself of these “bags” in order to move forward. Lily can also represent your therapist (I feel) Maybe its time to unload some more to her.

(note: when this kind of emotional run happens to me, I also am diagnosed with depression, I usually do a huge de-clutter of the house and throw stuff out. It is usually helpful and symbolic of the inner work I must do)

I think you telling your dog: “Look at what a mess you made” leads me to feel you may be blaming yourself harshly for the work you are doing  because it is bringing up “stuff” probably repressed for a long time.  This “stuff” is often a challenge to look at.  The intuition I get from this is to forgive yourself. Opening up those cans of worms in therapy may hurt now, however, we need to acknowledge our pain and frustration in order to rid ourselves of it.

Gayle’s response

I don’t think you could have hit that any closer even if we were best friends. Everything you said makes perfect sense to me. I am having a really hard time letting go of the past, & I do blame myself for a lot of things so it is hard to forgive myself. hopefully I can get through this with the help of my therapist. again Thank you so much. I appreciate you taking the time to do this for me. God Bless!!

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