Dark Secrets No More by Karen Boncela

Even after having Published my first book, WORDS TO LOVE BY rather successfully, I must say  I sometimes ask myself, What the hell do you think you’re doing?

I’m in the middle age of my life and only recently realized this new found ability to write and in fact, to write stories that can inspire people. I’ve written from the heart some very personal things in my first book and continue to do so in my second book, DARK SECRETS NO MORE. I have felt an overwhelming compulsion to do so; actually felt like I’ve had no choice.

Some of my Reviews have brought me to tears; that’s the proof that I’m on the right track, that I’m doing the right thing, when I can touch someone with my words

DARK SECRETS NO MORE is the Prequel to WORDS TO LOVE BY.  “Sometimes our Hearts won’t let us do what our Minds tell us we should.”

It’s the Story of Karen and the dark tunnel she found herself in after a tumultuous thirty two year marriage full of Drama and Despair. It’s the Story of the AWAKENING that occurred in her Life through a Series of Events that finally opened her eyes to the fact that she indeed could choose to be happy and could be brave enough to make the necessary changes in her thoughts and actions to make her way out into the light of Happiness. It’s a true story of first heartbreak and then Ecstasy.

The message? Follow your hearts; listen to your inner voices. Step way out of your comfort zone if need be to make yourself happy. Some of the best choices you can make in Life are the most painful.

I can’t believe how much I’ve learned along my path here about myself and about other people and about the whole WRITING A BOOK process. I’ve LOVED the whole thing, from writing my first notes to the Published work and everything in between.

I feel so privileged having the Ability to Write and to touch and inspire readers everywhere. I have a lot of work to do yet on DARK SECRETS NO MORE  but am so excited for having revealed the Title. Check my blog often for more details! I will be sharing excerpts from the book soon. www.karenlboncela.com

Karen L. Boncela is a mother of three grown children and a grandmother to two so far. She lives in a suburb of Chicago with her husband who she adores. She’s lived long enough to learn some of life’s tough lessons and she’s come out on the other side so much smarter and incredibly grateful. She is without a doubt a “people“person and it’s good thing because had she been alone during the dark times, Karen is not sure she would have ended up where she is today.

Inspired by the love of her Life to write her first book, Words To Love By, and enamored by her first writing experience.  Dark Secrets No More is her second book.  We will let you know when it comes out!

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  1. Karen’s writing style and her story capture the reader in such a way that it’s impossible to put the book down. Loved “Words To Love By”, and cannot wait to read the prequel “Dark Secrets No More”.

  2. Thanks again Kim for giving me the opportunity to share the News of my New Book, DARK SECRETS NO MORE!
    Continued Success to you as well!

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