I have a regular client and friend. She has come to me with her dreams for almost a year now. Each and every dream she wakes with a deep feeling of love for the person she is with (see here and here).  Like they’ve known each other, and loved each other in a past life. My intuition tells me she conjures up these wonderful mysterious men while she sleeps to help her through challenges she is facing. Do these people exist in a parallel world? Have they existed on her path in a past life? Who are these men whom my friend feels such a connection to? I mean, she is a happily married woman to boot!

My friend has a gift, a gift we all can tap into. Why does she manifest unconditional love or sometimes great pleasure while she sleeps, as I dream of King Kong’s hand, trying to grab everyone in his path? I do not know. However, according to Robert Moss, one can travel in their dreams. One can reconnect with past lives, parallel lives, unearth lost souls and ancestors. (see book review Dreaming Your Soul Back Home).

Do you think this is one of those dreams? Or is it just her id, ego and superego playing tricks on her?

Australian Aborigines say that the big stories — the stories worth telling and retelling, the ones in which you may find the meaning of your life — are forever stalking the right teller, sniffing and tracking like predators hunting their prey in the bush.” 
― Robert Moss

The dream

So I think I’m in India. I come out of a gift shop with some souvenirs and run into a young Indian man who strikes up a conversation with me. Before I know it, he steals my souvenirs and runs off. I yell out and run after him (in real life, I can’t run at all due to my back). I somehow catch up with him and try to convince him to give me what he stole. He has piercing eyes and I feel like I somehow know who he is. I don’t remember the conversation we had.

He then tells me that the only way I’ll get my stuff back is if I sleep with him. Even though it seemed wrong (prostituting myself), I agree. (I don’t know why I’m so desperate to get these souvenirs back-were they that expensive/special?) We end up having sex in a very public place-a staircase, I think. Even though I’m ashamed of myself, the sex was amazing. He gives me my stuff back and disappears.

I think there was a lot I forgot, but I do remember being in someone’s house (still in India)  – almost like I was staying there for a vacation – but at the same time, it seemed permanent. I remember there being several people in the house. I remember feeling not quite comfortable there, until “the boy” showed up. There were several glances from across the room, etc, and it was clear there was something between us. We ended up in a passionate relationship. At one point, we were sightseeing. The buildings looked very historical New England for some reason, even though we were still in India, presumably (I live in NH). Suddenly, he seemed really upset and we ran into one of the buildings, which suddenly turned into the house we had lived in. Someone was taking all the books, and we were very upset, trying to stop them. We were then outside again and I was on my back being threatened by a few large men and the boy was coming to my rescue.

That’s all I remember. I woke up with a sense of loss/remembering – almost like I knew him in a past life or something. It’s amazing how I keep having these dreams of other men! It’s starting to freak me out. Is it because the only serious relationship I’ve ever been in is with my husband? Or are all of these male figures really from past lives? When I wake up, I feel like I want to go back in the dream and be with this person for a longer period of time. I miss them. My dreams feel very real lately.

Your dream is so amazing. Truthfully I believe it is a mixture of “past life” experiences, and

a meeting with ancestors or souls of your past lives. You have a gift, and that is tapping into

this realm when you absolutely need it. Same with your dreams with the other “guy”. Again it

has nothing to do with your marriage, and all to do with a reminder of where you came from, and

tapping into your dreams and aspirations. Having someone to hold your hand through difficult

or challenging times.

The Interpretation

I feel there is a great attachment to your “souvenirs” If you think about it, souvenirs are keepsakes and mementos of “where you have been”. One buys them to have a “reminder” of sorts. And since you would do anything to get them back, after them being stolen, maybe you do not want to forget the journey and what you have accomplished so far. No one can take that from you. Your dreams, your accomplishments, as a wife, mother, career woman, writer.

The piercing “familiar” eyes of the thief, you are looking into your own eyes, the yang eyes, the reflection of you. That is why they are familiar.. we are all a reflection of each other, in  your dream you see yourself in the person facing you.  You need to look at your own life (souvenirs). What is it you want to celebrate? or What passion lies behind those eyes?

Chasing him may suggest that accepting your accomplishments is a challenge now. Like you are not giving yourself permission to be exactly where you are in your life at this moment.

The “Ultimatum” sex part. Is there anything you are doing right now, in your life you either feel guilty for or you feel like you are giving up a part of yourself to get XYZ? This is something you’ll do anything for! Those souvenirs are of great value.. What we need to find is “what are they?” It almost feels like it has something to do for your daughter.. because that is one thing I would “prostitute” myself for.. my children. However this is personal to you.. so try to make associations of your own.

I tried to figure out what the staircase meant. Maybe it is where you are in your life.  The pleasure you allow yourself. Sex is very personal, and since the sex was amazing leads me to believe that there is an association between allowing yourself pleasure and where you are in your life now!

The house where there are several people may represent your house of spirit, your soul.. and being exactly where you are, permanent or temporary. Are you on some sort of  “time off” from something in your life now? Or do you feel like you need “time off” from something.. because I feel this “boy” in your dream is there to comfort you into this situation.. Like that part of you is telling you its ok to follow what your heart is telling you..  You know what I mean?  Like society (the other people in your dream don’t feel its right but you do!)

Books represent knowledge, an endless supply of all things fantasy, historical, fiction, non fiction.. etc.. etc.. You are angry people are stealing them.  Here is the definition of books in dreammoods:

To see books in your dream indicate calmness. You are moving toward your goals at a slow and steady pace. Books also symbolize knowledge, intellect, information and wisdom.

Does any of this resonate with you? Who do you feel is stealing your thunder?

Sightseeing: It seems like you are exploring your options in your life now. Deciding where it is you want to go.. past, present, future straight ahead! Looking at this reminds me of what I am going through right now!

The Dreamer’s Response

If I am truly tapping into past lives and/or the other realm, I am so incredibly grateful and happy for that. As you can probably tell, I have a very strong interest in spiritualism, psychics, past lives, etc. I long to communicate with family members who have passed over, but have not been able to do so yet (at least not that I know of). 

“Not giving myself permission to be where I am at this moment” – that definitely resonates. I have a law degree, but have always regretted going to law school. It has not given me the career I expected, or wanted. Over the past year or so, I have realized that writing is my calling. There is definitely some doubt/hesitation since I am so in debt from law school-like I feel guilty for going in a different direction. But writing makes me so happy, and I feel like I have a gift (not that i am the best writer ever -just that I do have some talent). The idea of not writing is devastating to me. Honestly, my goal is to become a published author. I know it is a long, difficult journey, but it just feels so right and “meant to be.”

I’m not really sure about the “prostituting myself” thing – I see where you are going with that, but I am not sure how I interpret that. The only thing I can think of is that I’ve always had the working Mommy guilt, and I’ve only just recently given myself permission to pursue my own interests. 

The sightseeing thing is really interesting! I definitely feel like I have been on a spiritual/personal journey and have grown so much recently. Now that my daughter is 9, I feel like I have more time and energy for writing and reading-things that I love to do.

I am definitely reading that book you recommended. As always, your insights are fascinating. Thank you so much!! 

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