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I’ve been paying attention lately. Listening, observing, awakening to the messages of my intuition, and spirit. For the past month or so, I’ve been getting messages from the Universe to stretch, and this TWICE in an intuitive reading from two different people. At first I thought my body needed some good old calisthenics or yoga poses so most nights before bed and/or every morning upon awakening I would touch my toes (at least try to!), bend my legs, and stretch my fingers and body. I noticed how good stretching felt, and how it almost made my body feel like I was receiving a massage.

Most of my life I have been chronically depressed (see my post) thus, often blind or unaware of the messages the Universe was sending me. Not only did I ignore the signs from spirit, I turned my back on the subtle voice inside of me. I would go through cycles of awareness and blindness, nothing was consistent. Yet, today I can see my progress over the past 30 years, thank God for those moments of being wide awake!

This weeks Chapter (7) in The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron is: Recovering a Sense of Connection. This particular chapter fell on a great time for me (synchronicity much?), as my intuition is on high and I’ve been, and still am,  picking up on many clues, from the increase of the number of butterflies on my path, to the sound of music, or the voice inside my solar plexus (my heart/spirit). Not only have I been listening, but also hearing “with increasing accuracy that inspired intuitive voice that says: “Do this, try this, say this…” I’ve been picturing “the stream of inspiration as being like radio waves of all sorts being broadcast at all times”. (p. 118 J.C.)

Some would think that those “broadcasts” is like being ADD without the “Concerta” to tone the messages down, however, it doesn’t feel that way. Here are some simple, yet personal examples:

  • A couple of weeks ago, I decided to take my children out for breakfast. It was our artist date as we do not spend much (iPOD free) quality time together. My children being 15 and 13, are “teendependant” and rarely sit by my side anymore (you know what I mean). Before leaving that morning, I wanted to withdraw some money in case the Restaurant didn’t have interact. I went across the street to pull out $20. from the ATM. As I was about to enter the amount, a voice kept on saying take $40. take $40.!! I immediately though to myself “this is breakfast for crying out loud, I don’t need $40.” however, as I went to press the button for $20. the voice from my center spoke loud and clear. Thus, I chose to take $40. and I am happy I did, this particular restaurant was expensive, and the bill was $36.00 ! I left the $40 which included tip. In the past I would have told that inner voice to go “fluff up a gum tree” and I would have ended up eating toast while my kids had bacon and eggs. 
  • The day I decided to take myself on an Artist Date to church (see post here).  That Sunday, I was “led” to go. Almost like someone took my hand and pulled me there. The miracle of that day is that I did something “completely different” took home a message “you are worthy, you are welcome”.

What I’ve observed is the more I listen, the more I am aware the more my life unfolds in a complete different way then when I ignore these messages. Miracles happen, sychronicities magically appear, blog posts get written, pictures get taken, and back rooms get cleaned out, all in the name of a free feeling and happy spirit.


Be willing, I am told.

Willingness is a word which has recently “popped” into my life, and it is a very  powerful word. When we are willing we are open. Happily ready to accept,  we are ready to act gladly, a openly receive what is coming our way. Willingness allows miracles to happen. Willingness is acting on free will and devotion to self. Willingness is a true source of self-love.

Since a very young child, I knew I had this utmost connection to the Universe, Angels, spirit and God. I prayed often, and often received God’s communiqués.  As a child of 4, my eyes were WIDE open. I knew there was something “out” there protecting me, and I often tried to explain this to my mother, whom, with her loving heart, would pass this off as “child imagination”. We were not a church going family, yet spirit came to me, and my “gut” just knew someone was listening, watching and guiding.

Since this week is all about recovering a sense of connection, I’ve been meditating and paying attention to my daydreams and visions much more than usual. Then all of a sudden, my power animal, the butterfly, started showing up. I saw butterflies everywhere, one even guided me to my front door as I was coming home. The robin, also my power animal, sat perched on a wire as I observed the most amazing rainbow unfold accross my line of vision this week, yet the most amazing miracle of all is I received a message from an angel. YES an angel.

I was meditating one day, after reading Robert Moss ‘ book Dreaming The Soul Back Home, and I asked for a vision. In his book, he speaks about a secret library  we can tap into which may shelve books or “sacred contracts” written by us  before this lifetime or our lifetimes.  

Lets rewind a little:

Early this winter. A a psychic/medium friend of mine received a message for me:

Mostly what I get over and over is a female, wearing some kind of drapey, white gown. It goes over the top of her head, very art deco, grecian. She keeps picking something up, turning to the side, and bending over to put it down on a shelf. It brings to mind Moses as a baby in the basket being put onto the river. But when I look at her, or wonder what she’s doing, shee shows me a scroll, and starts to unroll it. Then I can’t see anything on it, or understand. She laughs and shows me your name. Whatever it is, it’s for you only. It feels exciting, like a momentous step is coming for you, and you’ll learn something new about yourself. I can hear,”it won’t always be like this” meaning now. I see a mason jar with 2 butterflies in it, you are opening the lid and letting them fly out. Really beautiful”

 This weeks meditation which I described to my friend:

I did a meditation today, going deep to find the guide Jessica spoke about.  The one holding a scroll with my name written on it. I wanted to go back and read what was on the scroll.  In the meditation I was told I was not ready to see it yet, but I asked for a name, and got AURIEL.. I wrote it down and just googled it.. there is an archangel with that name!”   Uriel means:  God Is My Light! 

I wonder:  is this spirit-guide Angel Uriel? Or is there a team around me whispering sweet nothings in my ear? I just feel safe knowing he, she, they are there.


The “connections” are happening, and I am experiencing them with willingness. I have total faith Uriel and “the team” are guiding me:-  I have PLENTY of angels, you have PLENTY of angels.  My four year old has taken my hand and I am off to magical land!. My Artist-Creator-self is now on a mission to “remember” and maybe someday I will finally see what is written on that scroll, in the secret library of all time!

Uriel has a message for all of us this morning.  During today’s meditation. She/He said: “Life begins at infinite and ends at infinite” basically there is no end.. it continues on and on. Our spirit is what we need to listen to, our gut, intuition is our guide. Let the butterflies guide you home. Listen to the whispers of your soul and recover your sense of connection by stretching beyond the limits… one stepping stone at a time.

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  1. Kim, I actually dreamt about this last night. I do believe, you are being sent a message.

    • Kim

      August 15, 2012 at 8:50 pm

      Oh do tell!!

      • I was standing there holding this old scroll complete with wooden spindles. I had seen it laying in the sand at the beach in front of me and knew there was something great about it.

        There was a list of Books I Need To Read and along with Power of Intention, Wayne Dyer and Just One Thing, Rick Hanson was
        Let The Butterfly Guide You, Kim Larocque and the front cover was a beautiful Monarch Butterfly surrounded by Purple. I remember jumping up and down and saying to my VBFF that I knew you and we had to go and find this book immediately.

        There were several books and names but I didn’t read them or don’t remember reading the rest.

        We got to the Bookstore and they were all sold out so I had to get home to order it online.

  2. Thanks for sharing your ongoing journey in your Spiritual World of reality.

    This really was wonderful to read. I see your name on a best seller on that Scroll. Seriously Kim.

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