Happy Birthday #DreamFriday

August 19th, 2011 I started blogging about dreams, their interpretations, and meanings. I was encouraged (and still am) by an amazing group of women to take my gift online and share it with others. I have interpreted dreams since my early 20’s, guiding my friends to seek to remedy the emotions, and awaken them to what is “really going on” in their subconscious.

You can see my first dreams posted here and here.

Dream reading is not all about me, it is about the dreamer. It is about finding what the symbols in your dreams, and guiding you to put the puzzle together. You would be surprised what goes on while we sleep, and I am learning myself, as I finish Robert Moss‘ book Dreaming Your Soul Back Home, how deep some dreams are. His book certainly has enhanced my understanding of dream work, and I have discovered how far we can go to heal certain past experiences we have endured. More from his book will be revealed on Sunday as I give my book review.

I thought long and hard last night on how I want to celebrate #DreamFriday‘s one year birthday. I asked my muse before bed to give me insight on how to proceed. I thought of featuring my favorite dreams I have posted over the past year, however, most of them are my favorite as dreams have so many stories to tell. You can read all interpretations by clicking on the Start Dreaming tab on the top of the page.

My muse did answer my prayers, because when I woke up, I had a short dream. I have not had a clear dream in a long time, so I took this as a sign to share with you.

My Dream

I was standing somewhere, in a kitchen or living room, lottery ticket in hand. I remember checking the numbers against a ticket which had the results on it. After a few checks, and making sure I had the right results, I realized I had won the thirty million dollar lottery. My heart and head where in disbelief, and I continued checking different sources to make sure I really won.

I remember having this feeling of freedom, that finally, everything will be ok financially. I even remembered telling someone: “I will never have to work another day in my LIFE!” and this, felt amazing. Although in the back of my mind, I had plans on finally opening my metaphysical store. So, work for me meant, working for someone else.

In my dream, I was very protective of my ticket. I kept on making sure I had it safe, hidden in a secret spot in my wallet, until I was able to find a ride to Loto Quebec to cash in. I remember feeling truly happy, but not ecstatic like I would imagine I would be in real life. I felt a tad fearful someone would steal the money away from me, again by stealing the ticket.

I remember imagining in my dream what I would do with the money, and I also spoke to a few people. One person in particular was my ex mother-in-law. Here is some background. My ex mother-in-law is the total opposite of my mother in real life. She is also not the grandmother I had wished she would be to my children. Today, my kids have no relationship with her, as she is constantly causing trouble for her son (kid’s father) the relationship they have is certainly not healthy. Yet, in life, I have always felt a certain attachment to her as she is the children’s grandmother, and her life has not been easy since the day she was born.

In my dream, I was face to face with her, and I took her hand. I looked at her and told her that no matter what, once I have the money I will take care of her. Meaning, I would give her enough money to never have to worry again (she has always been really poor growing up and in adult life). All I recall from this conversation is the look of surprise and relief on her face. I am not sure this is how the dream ended, yet this is all I can remember.

I woke up feeling a bit sad I didn’t cash the ticket in, and immediately realized I wasn’t going to be a gazillionnaire! However, I know this dream has a message for me.

Here’s your chance!!! After one year of posting dreams, information, and interpretations, I thought it would be fun for you to interpret my dream. Use dreammoods.com if you have to, follow your instinct, and see where the symbolism leads you. You may also ask me questions about what is going on in my life now, this will help you associate the dream to its message. Post these questions in the comment section I will promptly answer.

Once you have analysed the dream, post what you think this dream means here or on my Facebook Page, and you will get a chance to win a Kreative Notions Dream Journal I purchased especially for #DreamFriday’s big BIRTHDAY!

You have until Wednesday August 15th to post the reading, so let’s get started now.  On August 19th, 2012, on #DreamFriday’s official birthday, I will reveal the winner!

Happy Analysing!  



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  1. Happy Birthday & Happy Dreams!

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