Rocks Rock my World

“A pile of rocks ceases to be a rock when somebody contemplates it with the idea of a cathedral in mind.” Antoine de Saint-Exupery

I love rocks!  Big rocks, little rocks, pebbles, gems and crystals. As I was cleaning out my candle holder (it is full of rocks) I started playing with them in my hands.  They felt cold, and smooth to the touch.  I like the clanking sound they make as I let them drop back into the glass bowl.

Then I asked myself.  Where does this love for rocks come from?  Looking back, way back, I used to spend lots of time in Saint-Adolphe d’Howard and Magog in the Eastern Townships.  My grandfather and aunt owned cottages, thus my family spent much time on their lakefront beach enjoying the summer a few weeks a year.

I remember gathering rocks into piles.  However, before I would choose which rock would go into my pile, I specifically remember inspecting each rock really closely. I would wonder how God made them, because, rocks are hard, and each of them very different.  I loved the see through ones, I thought they were diamonds.

“Mom mom.. Look I found a diamond!!” I would eagerly scream as I ran to show her.

When I found a pink rock magic would fill my soul.  Then some looked like they had gold in them.  Did I find a treasure?

I was attracted to rocks so much as a child that I even tried to sell them. Yep, when I got home from the cottage one year, I took out my most treasured rocks and set out to sell them door to door. Of course, first they must be washed and put into a special bag before putting my sales person hat on. My treasures were worth millions, in my 7 year old mind. I set out with my little bag, knock on the my neighbor’s door, and believe I had something important I had to share with these people.  MY ROCKS!!  I did sell a few, probably because the people who bought them thought I was cute.. Mostly, though, the adults would laugh and politely say no thank you.

I went home that day with most of my rocks, yet I was so excited that one or two adults saw the love I had for these mysterious creations of God.  With 50 cents in hand, I went out and bought lots of candy!

My love for rocks still exists.  Just recently I spent time with my son by the waterfront picking up rocks to bring home. I always keep enough to play with, and use some to decorate my candle holders and sacred space.  Rocks are a reminder strength, and endurance.  Rocks takes ages to form, and stand the test of time.  Most important, one grain of sand among thousands that make up one rock, may have lived a million years ago… you never know!

There are many rocks and crystals with healing powers, I know, but these simple rocks and my love for these pebbles, heal me in ways I could have never imagined, and I am grateful for them.

What do you collect? What symbolism do you put on rocks?  What comes to mind when you think of them?

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  1. Oh Kim, I think we’re soul-sisters! I know exactly what you mean… I still have rocks I collected when I was little. Bits of granite and ocean-smoothed pebbles..

  2. I love rocks too! Ever since I was little, I would collect rocks that I thought were special, or shiny, or smooth. Maybe that’s why I began to paint them when I grew older, seeing animals in their shapes. Thanks for the post! It brought back some good memories.

  3. So YOU are why there were Pet Rocks, eh? 😉

  4. I used to collect rocks as well from the creek, loved the shiny ones and the white ones that were like rainbows in the sun. Rocks are a firm foundation like God is my Rock and my Refuge and i love the mountains and their majesty and splendor. I also have stones that help to balance my chakras and believe in the healing power of gems as well. All things created are here for us to cherish and enjoy.

  5. To me, personally, they remind me of both strengths and weaknesses and of the vast difference in people. As much as they may look alike, no two are the same. When they are joined, they build a sturdy structure.

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